It’s been fun going wireless the past couple weeks. I feel completely untethered. I wasn’t planning on getting a wireless system but I was having a bit of breakfast in Nashville with my friend Kenneth Pattengale from The Milk Carton Kids and he suggested I try going wireless because I like to move around so much on stage. 

So I was on Cayamo Cruise and this cool sound engineer named Mike Klowas suggested I use this amazing microphone made by DPA (Danish Pro Audio) 

I also went wireless on my guitar and got the Shure QLXD G50 receiver and body pack. 

I have the vocal going into the Shure ULXD G50 receiver and body pack 

I ordered all the stuff mid-tour from a cool sales rep at Sweetwater named Nick Grawcock. 

Voila. Freedom to love anywhere. In a smaller house concert or super small club I wouldn’t really use it. I’m not even sure if I’ll always use it but for right now it sure has been liberating. It’s kind of freaking me out at how much I can move around. The fidelity is insane. I’m able to go out into the audience and the sound is stellar. 

Usually when I play a show I have a different mix than what the audience hears because I have the monitors mixed how I want them to sound. So, in essence it’s like having two different shows. Now I’m hearing what the audience hears and it’s line we’re in communion. We are all together. Hard to explain but the best words I can think of are -

This. Is. Neato. 

Photo by Bob Scoverski taken at Fremont Abbey Arts Center in Seattle Washington

steve poltz