Belly Up 10th Annual Bday Bash!


I spoke with my friend Chad at the Belly Up I’m Solana Beach and he told me that my show on Saturday, February 23 is on pace to selling out by this Tuesday. Crazy how they can track this stuff. For some reason they sell about 19 tickets a day for this show. So if there are 68 Tix left that means by Tuesday it’ll be finito. Is finito a word?

Thank you so much for all the support!

This is my 10th Annual 50th Bday Bash. That means I’ll be 59.

I do t know how the math works out this way. But it does. I guess cuz the first annual was when I turned 50.

This will be my record release show. For my new album Shine On. I’ll have copies there! Beautiful yellow vinyl.

I have lots of cool guests this year.

First of all Will Kimbrough! He produced my new record and he’s gonna play some solo stuff and do some stuff with me off of my new cd. He flying out from Nashville for this. You’re gonna love his solo set. He’s so damn good. He’s on tour right now woth EmmyLou Harris. He’s toured extensively with Rodney Crowell. He’s on a sweet band with Tommy Womack called Daddy. So thrill to have him on board.

We also have the wonderful Rainbow Girls. I first met them when I played The Vaudeville Stage at High Sierra Music Festival. They jumped up on stage with me and sang koo koo backing vocals and we danced like maniacs. I love them. Their music is a joyous raucous beautiful thing to behold.

Ok. Check this out! I’ve always wanted to get my friend Dan Bern on this show. I finally did it! I’ve known Dan for years and I’ve always been a huge fan. He’s one of the best songwriters I’ve ever met. Seriously so good. I first saw him years ago when he was on Ani Difranco’s Righteous Babe Records. This is gonna be sweet.

So I’ll play a solo set and then later the cherry on top.

The Rugburns! Yippee. This is gonna be a hoot.

I just got word that my pal Anthony da Costa is flying out. Yikes! I may have to yank him up on stage to sing a song with me. He co-wrote 4 songs with me off my new record.

There are always other fun spontaneous moments. I think I’ve sang so many duets with the GREAT Lisa Sanders over the years. I’ve had crazy moments with Jeff Berkley. With Mojo Nixon. With Shawn Mullins. With Bob Schneider. With Glen Phillips. With Tristan Prettyman. The list goes on and on. You never know what will happen.

I’ll see you in a few weeks. Thanks. Get yer tix at

steve poltz