20121218-114241.jpgCheers is where I'll be on the last day of the world. Friday Dec 21, 2012 2475 Main St Ramona Ca (760) 789-0270 8pm 9th annual Christmas show

Take a drive to lovely Ramona Ca this Friday night and spend the last day of the world with me. It'll be fun. We'll all go out singing. Great burgers, cold beer warm smiles and hugs all around. An abundance of love love love. My friend Sean Leahy owns the joint and he's got an Irish smile 100 yards wide. I love Sean so much. These shows are always super fun tragicomedies. The stars are brighter in Ramona and it's ok to walk around naked. (If you don't mind going to jail) Come one come all. Rudolph will be there. And Frosty. FDR and Bono said they're attending too. Wow. See ya soon.