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  1. Tonya says:

    Macomb, MI hosts!!!! Any chance on getting invited to your show? Thank you!!

  2. Gary Hughes says:

    Steve : I’ll already be in spring training so no show at The Crepe Place but Cave Creek will be great. We play the White Sox in Glendale, Az. on the 11th and Cincinnati at home in Mesa on the 12th. Let me know if yo can make either game. I’m going to see Flann at The Connecticut Yankee next Saturday (2/5) in SF. Be well and travel safely, Gary

  3. Joleen says:

    do my eyes deceive me?! Indy in March? hmm….

  4. nanners says:

    how about visiting this land locked hell hole i call colorado? just not the end of may, we will be in SD….

    • Jennifer says:

      Same here!! I’ll be visiting Steve’s hometown in San Diego on that date. Figures he’s coming to Denver the one week I’ll be there.

  5. Jay Holycross says:

    Hey Steve being the KING of covers how about you start doing that Cee Lo Green song “Fuck You” that would be aWesome. J

  6. Di says:

    You’re not helping my urge to move to Sandy Eggo! Stop it. See you in ATX in a couple of weeks! 😀

  7. SLUTJAWS! says:

    STEVE BRACE YERSELF! If all goes according to plan , i will be in sandiego for 7 weeks this summer…. waiting on the ok from my friend and neighbour. She’s gonna be doing some study there,,. if she gets accepted i’ll be looking after her pips during the days. keeping every single bodypart crossed… so i’ll be to taken’ in your gigs!!

  8. Kevin Lunt says:

    Hey Steve,
    I’m looking forward to seeing you in albuquerque next sunday. Just a question though. Is there an opening act before you go on? I have to get off work to make the drive(88 miles!) and knowing what time your set starts would be really cool. I guess that makes it 2 questions so why not a third. Could you play “Suburbia”? I grew up in El cajon and get homesick(as messed up as that sounds). That would be too cool if you could.
    Hope the Padres win the pennant this year. They look good! Anyway, see you sunday.
    – Kevin Lunt

  9. Eric Johnson (friend of Kevo) says:

    Poltzie: I’m a friend of Kevo/Quickdraw’s. We met several times in the 90’s. I last saw you at KevO’s & Jenn’s wedding @ P.Beach (it was groovy baby). I plan to see you again at the Moonshine Cafe in Oakville, Canada eh? I am hoping that you remember the words to ” KEVO loses it, oh ya “. Who loves you baby? Ouk.

  10. nanners says:

    If you get here on the 9th or stay til the 11th, we could go to a baseball game. dodgers are in town then. let me know.

  11. Rick Velasco says:

    graduated from high school with Mr. Poltz. glad he’s going to be in Kansas City in june,
    gotta go see him. haven’t seen hims since

  12. Da Rev says:

    I still see no Tales From The Tavern date…..WTF?

  13. Da Rev says:

    If I can finance it, I may head down for the Cheers shoe, cuz I miss my pal Sean. But I’ll remember to get my ticket BEFORE showing up on the doorstep like some forelorn kitten hoping for a saucer of milk and a bit of yarn.

  14. friz says:

    how about playing back here before the Annapolis show in Sept??? Hope all is well my friend

  15. Brad Gray says:

    So it’s 11:52 P.M. on Sunday night June 5th and I’m a wonderin’ when Steve’s coming back to Indy. Ummm….. tonight, apparently. DAMMMMMIT! Who’s day is it to watch me????

  16. Lori says:

    So so sad to see I missed you in Santa Cruz at the Crepe Place… if I had only known. Time to activate your facebook page Steve. Still have a mad crush on you!

  17. Steve Weller says:

    We need you in Texas at the Duck and/or Wayne & Kim’s in Sep/Oct – I’ll wash Mr. Roth or rent you a PT Cruiser. Modl Manditory!

  18. Larry? Aw, gee. says:

    Too long in exile . . . .

  19. Debra Bourgeois says:

    Hey Poltz. Great seenin’ ya again in Ramona with my sweet miss Petite. Ya didn’t tell me when ya wanted to go rootin’ in my beautiful blue Benz. Sara’s got my # call me. LUV YA DEB

  20. Debra Bourgeois says:

    STEVEN it’s me again. Sara’s got a gig tomorrow Saturday (6pm) in Julian at Wynola Pizza and Red Barn. 4355 Hwy 78. We would love to see you there. I’m meeting her at the Old Sod at 4pm to ride up with her. Come see us if you can. I’m still waitin for a date for that rootin’. HA HA! Im looking for a reason to take the Benz to San Francisco so I can come down Hwy 1 thru Santa Cruz. Call us. LUV YA DEB

  21. Dave Copps says:

    Steve. You are making it all the way to Oklahoma- please make sure you come to Dallas right after that. We would be interested in a home show if you do- thx!


  22. Devan Clark says:

    Steve! I am finally 19 so I’ll be able to see you play at The Carleton on September 28th! Maybe get in some more of those angelic voices on License Plate Eyes, oh and while you’re at it you should add about 10 more shows in Nova Scotia!

    Can’t wait for El Poltzo to be up north,

  23. Wendy says:

    No NYC dates???? boo hoo!

  24. Jennifer says:

    I’m gonna be in San Diego January to February…. Any concerts scheduled?

  25. Bob Dude says:

    Poltzy- OK Mister—- I am starting to promote the awesome house concert in Bloomington, IN. It can be the day before of after you play Indy. It looks like March is your favorite time to be in this beautiful part of the country. I’m gonna start dusting and vacuuming later on today (and buying more chairs) to get ready for it. All you have to do is book your Indy gig. BD

  26. Mouse McGuire says:

    Hello Lover, The folks on the central Coast of NSW Australia send thier well wishes for your time in the old country. Hope you can make it Down Under agin some time soon. Lotsa love n light n peace n stupid funny stuff to help you gigle yourself to sleep at night. Mr Mouse. (Creator of the Best Intro in the World) x

  27. Tonya says:

    Come back to Detroit soon Steve! We miss you!!! And, it’s going to be really cold, really soon… we need some Poltz heat!!!

  28. Discodave says:

    Saw you last night in the Cafe Continental Gourock. Simply sensational…….haste ye back !!!!!!!!

  29. Come home to Cave Creek.


  30. Da Rev says:

    Who’s going to the Belly Up?

  31. Steve says:

    Think about Dallas, Tx. Kelly would like to see your show.

  32. Still no joy in Poltzville….no tour date set for Cave Creek yet, sigh…..

    ….so many wonderful venues in Phoenix, so little time…C4, Rhythm Room, good times.

    (Sung to the tune of “Please Come To Boston”)
    Please come to Phoenix in the Springtime
    Baseball’s here and there’s lot’s of friends waiting for you.
    You can have a dog and beer at Spring Training,
    The Camp’s still here at C4 and Janey’s opened, too.
    Please come to Phoenix, don’t say no,
    There’s still music to be played…

  33. Da Rev says:

    Tales From The Tavern Febby 29!!!

    Who’s coming to Santa Ynez????

  34. Alex says:

    Colorado needs more Steve! And not just one of those “Sensitive Guy” shows at Walnut Room, we need a full blown quasi-‘Burns show!

  35. Da Rev says:

    Got my tickee for Belly Up!!!

    Woo and hoo!

    Whitney, save the last dance for me.
    And Don Cornelius 🙁

  36. Teresa Menke says:

    Whoot – The Barking Lot Rescue folks will be out in force to see you for the show sunday night – Yeah Steve !!! to celebrate your Birthday day! Again, and again, and again !!!! …………..

  37. Pamela says:

    Steve, My sibs have seen you perform in Albuquerque and said it was the funniest concert they’ve ever seen. I don’t see Abq on your 2012 schedule. Will you come to Las Cruces, NM? It’s just down the road… a piece… from you on I-10. A cool venue would be the “Rio Garnde Theater” (historic, seats 422 people). Their website is, check it out and let me know what you think. Perhaps you could hit us up on your way back from Texas. Consider “The Plaza” in El Paso, TX, as well. Thanks. PE

  38. Charlie B says:

    What about Portland?

  39. Crawfy Melville says:

    Hi Steve,

    You mentioned during your last Stageit gig that you are playing a wedding in Wales in the Uk in June plus a London gig too!
    Are you planning anything else in the Uk during that visit if you have time?
    Have you any dates for Scottish gig for October,I’m hoping I will be here for it,I’m off on holiday to Florida for the second 2 weeks of October so I’m desperately hoping you’ll be in Scotland earlier in October at some point for a gig.
    Fingers crossed…..

    Cheers Crawfy!

  40. Rona says:

    Crawly -there’s a gig advertised on Intimate Gigs 13th Oct Berits & Brown Glasgow

    • Crawfy Melville says:

      Yeah Rona,thanks…I’ve got my tickets for that one but hoping that there will be another Scottish gig around the same time.
      Ta much 😉

      • Helz Belz says:

        Hey Crawfy, remember at the StageIt gig a bunch of us were going to crash the wedding?! 😉

  41. Sherelle Craggs says:

    great night steve at teesdale loved it.

  42. Kristina Giannotta says:

    Hey man! you coming through Hawaii on your way back from Asia? If so, let me know, love to catch up.
    -yea-back from San Diego days, here with Peter Facer and we were talking about just how very cool you are….

  43. Tilstar2000 says:

    Milwaukee misses you, Steve!!! 🙂

  44. Just a hey out to my friend. Hope this finds you well bro! Look forward to catching another 1 of your shows one day soon.

  45. Helz Belz says:

    Steve, if you’re in the UK after the Pelton Arms gig you should get down to Cornbury Festival in Oxfordshire for 3 days of great music – check it out at 😉 Hope to see you at the Prince Albert xx

  46. Victor says:

    Steve!! Have you been to Portland, Maine before? I’m a native San Diegan now living in Maine would love to see you play again.

  47. Da Rev says:

    Should a trip to Solana Beach be my birthday present to myself?

    Anyone up for snax & bevvys before the show?

  48. Stacy says:

    Loving you on Bob & Tom! Wishing I could see you live tonight 🙁

  49. Amy says:

    Just heard you on Acoustic Cafe this morning. Love your style and am still haunted by “Trash” and its lyrics! Come to Madison or Milwaukee!!!

  50. barbs says:

    We are shaking with excitement! cannot wait to see you at the Pelton Arms on 26/10/12, barb, bob & the girlz “Milton Keynes ROCKS” ha ha

  51. Jim L. Ficksitt says:

    Wotcha Steve – Chuffed to bits that you are coming back to the Pelton Arms on the 28th. Last time a group of us sat back on comfy leather chairs, by a roaring log fire, steadily consuming a few bottles of wine as the wit, personality and musical genius of the Poltz washed over us in waves for a couple of hours. Opened with the brilliant Chinese Checkers and the level never dropped. It was the stand out night of 2011 for us and we were still talking about it months later. Especially enjoyed your almost word perfect monologue from the Godfather, a classic American movie. For a London pub atmosphere, we challenge you to try something from a classic British film of the same era – The Railway Children. ” Daddy, my Daddy ! ” resonates with all of us over 50 but you might have to work on the teenage girl Home Counties accent. Meanwhile, let me know if there is anything you would like us to bring, and if you would like a lift to the gig with your equipment. Would be very happy to help out, it is the least we can do considering we get to see you for free. You don’t see Bono or J-Zee getting out of minicabs before gigs, so why should the Poltz? Bob

  52. Bob says:

    What ho Steve. Our family and friends came to see you at the Pelton Arms in Greenwich last friday, just before you flew back to the States. You were absolutely brilliant and we are missing you already. I am the guy who told you in confidence in the break that my wife and I occasionally make love to your wonderful song ” Everything about you”. You made our night by playing it for us later on with just a subtle reference to our story and no names involved – a true gentleman. So did we go home that night, dig out your cd, line up the track and make love like teenagers again? Well, it was a 90 minute journey and after 1 in the morning when we got home, and my back was playing up, so I have to admit it did not happen. But please be assured that this was in no way a reflection on your wonderful songwriting abilities. It will happen soon and when it does don’t be surprised if you hear a bell ring. Please stay healthy, eat/ drink the right stuff, and look after that special voice and fingers. Bob, Barb and family

  53. Sarah says:

    When can we expect a Canadian tour again??? Specifically Ontario??

    Thanks :o)

  54. Dude,

    I don’t see your date at the fabulous Carleton Music Bar & Grill in Halifax in these listings! FYI, we just won Music Nova Scotia’s Venue of the Year (for the 4th consecutive year) at the awards at White Point Beach last weekend!

    Oh, that date would be Wednesday, November 28th and show time is 8 PM. Tickets are $20 (cheap).

  55. Lisa Mattogno says:

    Wondering if you have plans to come back to the EAST coast in 2013?

    I’m missing the Poltz fix I used to get in AZ. Something close to Vermont? I’d cross the border for you!

  56. hey MR poLTZ — i remember you said something about a songwriting course your running in FEb 2013 in a desert! Am i wrong about this as now i see your having a birthday bash .
    You came to the Albert in Brighton UK was a small gig in a small pub ¬ i said hello !!!! i want to see the joshua trees . YOu said ok !
    so if your sing song course is on can i know more about it and how to get on it would be fun i reakon.
    anyway i wish you well fellow man across the seas.
    From Sara Jane

  57. Julia says:

    Sweet, you’re playing the Hulabaloo Festival! We take the kids to that every year! Can’t wait for them to see you play again 🙂

  58. Lora says:

    Is the McGonigel’s Mucky Duck show part of South by Southwest?

  59. Erik says:

    Steve, please come back to the East Coast! Specifically NYC. thanks!

  60. Julia says:

    Any plans to come to Chicago this year? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease???

  61. Crawfy Melville says:

    Howdy Stevey boy…I see there’s still a big gaping whole in the tour dates between April 21st & June 21st….is there still a possibility of a UK tour around the May…ish time?
    Hope to see ya back in the UK and of course Scotland for sure,fun times ahead! (No Red Cards) 🙂

    Cheers Crawfy & Tina xx

  62. Tom Morningstar says:

    Why no Dallas date? I was your Dallas local for Priority all those years ago. Oh, the stories. Anyway, haven’t seen you in forever…would love to catch a Dallas gig sometime.

  63. Scott Livingston says:

    WHAT? your not going to be @ Stan fest? perhaps I should do a SATAN fest.. I’ll borrow the beach down past the hospital by the infamous DEVIL’S BATH.. ANd we can all dance around naked by the fire under a full moon.. And you can sing to us.. About prickly things in bed and getting high as a kite so I can dance with the king kong sized gorilla I have locked in a cage hanging off my back.. Miss you.. hope we can hang before I get old N crusty..

  64. Cari says:

    Steve – my ten-year old and I saw you perform with Jewel in Saratoga last weekend.
    You were really awesome – and I don’t know if you were kidding about the song you wrote on the plane out but it really stuck with us (“Why I wrote this song”)…is there any way to buy it? For real.

    • Frag says:

      Cari, can you be a little more descriptive of the song? We may have a live version of it available on Steve’s bandcamp page. What are some of the lyrics?

      • Gill says:

        Frag, I think this is the ‘I Want All My Friends To Be Happy’ song (again!). He wrote that on a plane & at the end he says ‘… and that’s why I wrote them this song’

        • Frag says:

          I thought so too, but it wasn’t totally clear, so I figured a little more info can’t hurt. 🙂

  65. noah says:

    please come back to the bay area!

  66. Aimee Rist says:

    Any chance you’ll be coming through WV?

  67. Su Teears says:

    Hey Steve,
    I haven’t seen you in a dogs age!
    Need to get away from all that is Philly for a bit, and thinking on popping over to your show at The Cooperage Restaurant in New Mexico. In for a hang?

  68. Lefty says:

    The Gulf States needs some El Poltzo love.

  69. Christine says:

    Hi Steve!

    As a displaced native San Diegan, I’ve seen you play at multiple venues in San Diego, at clubs in NYC, on a boat circling the Statue of Liberty, and in Collinsville, CT. What would it take to get a show in the Norwich, CT area (near the casinos) sometime between your NYC and VA shows in October? I have a bunch of friends who need to experience a bona fide Poltz show at least once in their lives, and I’ve been watching your tour dates for a year. Help me help them experience the awesomeness.


  70. Su Teears says:

    Virginia? Close enough!
    Road trip it is! I’ll try to get a caravan of peeps
    from Philly to cruise on down and catch ya with me.
    Love your lest side!

  71. Laura says:

    Come to London!!! England!!! X

  72. Da Rev says:

    So Steve, are you playing Santa Ynez March 5 or not? The Tales From The Tavern site sez you are, but it’s not mentioned here. I don’t wanna buy my tix until I get a confirm from ya.

  73. Gary Hughes says:

    Steve : Just caught Flann in Santa Cruz. Awesome show with The Lunatic Fringe. He gave a check for $96,000 to Brian Stow’s family. I hope you make it to Arizona. I’ll have the same 15 or 20 classmates there the weekend ending on Sunday the 23rd. I hope that you can book the Rhythm Room again. I’ll say hi to Peavy when I see him in Ft. Myers the end of February. Loved you at the Mountain Winery with Jewell and her brother. Have Chris give me a call. Gary

  74. Walden says:

    Hey baby! Here’s a better link, right to the events page at Fleet:
    Maybe I’ll see ya there #ifIwintheLotto 😉

  75. Su Teears says:

    When will you be coming to PA?
    Hopefully some time this summer?


  76. Mark Geller says:

    I just saw you are scheduled to be at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on 9/14. I look forward to coming to the show! Everyone should check the FAQ’s on the Hotel Cafe website. Pretty funny… See y’all soon (but not soon enough). Mark

  77. andrearae says:


    North Carolina needs you. Please come. Chapel Hill is a lovely town, and this former San Diego girl misses hearing you play almost as much as I miss the Mexican food.


  78. Bill Gibson (friend of Ron Colone) says:

    Ralph, Bubba, Charlene, and I will be unable to attend the Hotel Café show as we already had tickets to Vina Robles that night but will definitely make it to Ramona on 7/3.

  79. Keir says:

    May see you Thursday at TP.
    BTW, maybe change the ‘Age Restrictions: All Ages’ on your site. Kinda sucks that noone is allowed in. Bad for Biz too.
    Keir 😉

  80. Steve says:

    Cafe 11 in St. Augustine?

    I’m in…

  81. kah says:

    dude….lots of windy roads on the way in and out of arcata…please be safe and don’t go pulling a michael hedges

  82. Map Drew says:

    Hey Steve. So we miss your presence in Brisbane in march what a disappointment

  83. Linda Leyva says:

    Sister’s Oregon says you’ll be there May 16. Any chance you’ll be in Portland?

  84. Charlie says:

    Would love it if you could squeeze in a Portland show! We have some friends we are doing to bring to one of your shows.

  85. Katherine Miller says:

    Oh My! No south-by this year. I am crushed! How could you?

  86. Darryl Hickman says:

    Hi Steve

    Great show last night at Lizotte’s Kincumber NSW – first time for my wife and I at Lizotte’s and first time at one of your gigs. Great night and we look forward to seeing you again in Australia (sadly not Lizotte’s). If you recall signing my merch and discussing this as well as it was my birthday the day before – St Patrick’s Day. You seem to be a really cool dude – love your style and music. All the best with the rest of the tour!!! Come back soon.

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  88. Mark Geller says:

    I can’t believe I’m going to miss your June 23rd show at Bar Pink. I’m going to be in Prague then – I know, poor me. But I’m tempted to cancel my trip, although with the Baltic cruise to follow that’s not too likely. Hopefully I can catch the Rugburns again at next year’s birthday bash! I will certainly miss being at this June show and I’m jealous of all those who will be lucky enough to attend.

  89. Dan plumton says:

    Hello lookin foward to your ottawa performance been a minute since I last saw you peace love and road hockey cuz!

  90. Jesse says:

    Steve…… thank you for being you. I saw you play at high Sierra music festival this summer and it was awesome. I just want to apologize because during your first set you told the crowd that you were woken up early that morning by a guy playing a Marshall half stack. That wasn’t me, it was my friend Drew. But it was my guitar amp so I did contribute to the delinquency that woke you up. Actually it was just a small stereo with my buddy Drew’s guitar plugged into it but the Marshall half stack sounded way cooler. So on behalf of my friend Drew and I, I’m very sorry to wake you up. Drew and I will make it up to you next year with all the high 5’s and hugs you want…… or maybe just a burrito.


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  95. Pam says:

    Don’t forget Australia loves you too!

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  97. Michael Meyer says:

    Please come to Colorado !!! I just saw you at high sierra and i love your music and your attitude! You are so much fun. Thank you!!

  98. Michael Meyer says:

    Please come to Colorado !!! I just saw you at high sierra and i love your music and your attitude! You are so much fun. Thank you!! 😀

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