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Dalass Texass Tonight at 9 at La Grange

Playing with Smile Smile tonight in Dallas. 9 pm. Can’t stop now kittens. I’ve got sings to song and a drive to van and eat to food. La Grange

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Poway California

Friday night. Last night I guess. I played a house concert at The Adams. You know- Mike and Faye! Fun time. They had a lot of people shoved into their backyard. I played Sewing Machine and there was actually a … Continue reading

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Good news Tim Flannery added to Anthology show

Friday, Nov 26, the day after Thanksgiving just got better. I just added Tim Flannery to the shows at Anthology in San Diego. Fresh off the heels of his World Series championship he’s back playing music. There will be 2 … Continue reading

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Wow! ****I Made email of the day****

Hi Folks, This is cool because I read The Lefsetz Letter everyday. It’s sort of my music bible and first email I read each morning. He has thousands and thousands of subscribers and so when he posted my email I … Continue reading

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Correction! Correction!

Just a quick note from Istanbul I just actually read The Chart attack interview about the best song ever left out an important fact of the story! The coolest part about the story is that Erick Rudiak a great singer … Continue reading

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Greetings from Istanbul

tea rant post Turkish bath chill zone The tea here is strong. Cool dogs lazily roam the streets. The outdoor fish market has hungry cats for friends. Turkish people are proud of their country. The whole economy seems to run … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day Dad

Happy Father’s Day Dad I remember when you took me to see the closed circuit television boxing match of Muhammad Ali versus Joe Frazier. There were all kinds of men there smoking cigars and drinking whiskey and watching the fight … Continue reading

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Farewell Nova Scotia

I played a house concert here last week in Petite Riviere Nova Scotia. You know, just across the water from Lunenburg. That yellow house was bought for 1 dollar and transported 60 kilometers to this pristine location by an architect … Continue reading

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Oh Happy Day! Ma Mawski Madre Mama Mia!

Watching you iron clothes and cry while JFK’s funeral played on a black and white tv + Making one of a kind work of art delicious spaghetti by taste without a recipe + Kissing my freshly wasp stung head whie … Continue reading

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SXSW appearances! & Live recordings glitch fixed

I’m playing a bunch of times at SXSW (south by southwest) Look at all of these chances you have to see shows If you bought a 2 gig flashdrive at the last couple of shows, there may have been a … Continue reading

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