Thanks Canberra! It was fun playing The Polish Club. I only met one Polish person. The sound was good in that room! The people were smiling and everything was chill. I’ll be back to see you again. Now I’m headed to Adelaide. The show tonight is sold out so if you can figure out a way to sneak in then please try. I always like it when it’s packed to the rafters. I just listened to a WTF podcast of Marc Maron interviewing James Taylor. It was a good’n.

I can’t believe The Cubs got swept by The Mets. I thought it would be a better series. Rugburn John Castro is going crazy.

Let’s see if The Blue Jays can make a little magic happen. They have to win 2 in a very tough Kansas City ballpark. Daunting yet not unfathomable.

See you in Adelaide tonight. Friday. Yes tonight is Friday. I live in the future.

Then- I fly to Sydney and head to Katoomba for a show in The Blue Mountains on Saturday night.

A year ago today I was in the hospital after having survived a stroke. I’m glad I’m still alive because there are shows I want to play and if I had died then I wouldn’t be playing these shows because it’s hard to play shows if you’re dead. I guess I could play shows for dead people which I actually have done before. But this would be a whole new kind of dead.

I’m grateful.

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Winding down 

6 ATMs. Cabramatta. Took about 45 min from the heart of Sydney Australia to get there. What a day. The ATMs were like urinals at a sporting event except they were pissing money.

Cabramatta is kind of like going to Vietnam. Really cool. Great day. The food was scrumptious.

It’s 8am on Wednesday here. I’m watching The Blue Jays vs Royals.

There’s a new PM in Canada. Congrats!

I listened to the coolest interview on WTF with Marc Maron. He interviewed Keith Richards. My favorite quote by Keith was when he said he fell asleep at a party at Muddy Waters’ house but woke up in Howlin Wolf’s house. He figures they carried him over there. Hilarious. Here’s the whole interview-

Next stop is Canberra Australia. I’m playing The Polish Club tomorrow night. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

My Adelaide show on Friday is sold out.

My final Australia show is Saturday in Katoomba NSW. I say everyone should come up to The Blue Mountains and say goodbye to me.

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Headed to Newcastle

The shows never end until the game finally ends. These last two nights in Sydney were off the hook. Marrickville I should say. Camelot Lounge. Wow. I’m feeling a bit drained. Need to fuel up my body and I’ll be ready to go. Both nights were packed full and the audiences were sublime. The energy was palpable.

Tonight I get to play one of my favorite places. Lizotte’s! Newcastle. Brian Lizotte is a legend and a friend. I love him. I always get fed like royalty. His food is scrumptious to the nth degree.

On the drive to Newcastle I’ll be watching The Toronto Blue Jays play The Kansas City Royals in game one of the American League Championship Series. I’m so glad I paid for all access on this MLB app. October baseball is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.

Low ticket alert! There are only 7 (yes seven) tix left for my show in Adelaide at The Wheatsheaf Hotel Friday Oct 23.

Also- thanks to Richard Glover for yesterday on 702 am. That was some serious fun

See you tonight in Newcastle at Lizottes. This Australia tour is almost over.

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Guitar art

Remember that time last year when that really nice Australian guy asked me to sign his guitar? That was cool. He let me write all over it. He wanted the chords to medical career! Good times indeed. Now let’s flash forward to this morning. It’s pretty outside. Waiting for The Dodgers Mets game to start.

Last night I played The Camelot Lounge Marrickville. It’s in a funky cool part of Sydney. I get to do it again tonight. Unfortunately there are only 11 tix left.

Great venue. Great people running it. Last night was insane. It was the greatest show I ever played. It’s all downhill from here.

See ya tonight cobbers. G’day.

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Wow! This photo was sent to me by my pal Jim Wiggins. This is me way back in 1988 playing on the streets for passing change in Barcelona Spain. I used to play on this corner in the evening because it would get a nice natural echo. That black hat on the ground in front of me was the one I always used for people to toss their change into. Note the Ovation guitar. I still have it somewhere. It’s a 1978 Glen Campbell Artist series. Also note- the red notebook. I wish I knew where that was. It had heaps of early songs. I remember the first few words to one I wrote in in Alicante Spain. I think it went like this-
Sittin in a station in downtown Alicante
Thinkin bout the girl I love who says she doesn’t want me
If I go back home my God everyone will taunt me
I got them low down Alicante blues.

Weird how the mind remembers things.

Thanks a zillion for last night at The Flying Saucer Club in Melbourne. There was some serious energy zinging through my head. I had a hard time falling asleep.

Today I fly to Sydney. I play tonight Thursday AND Friday night at the same venue- The Camelot Lounge in very cool Marrickville. 2 nights same venue. Love it.

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Final Melbourne Show Tonight!

This just happened. Boom! Oh Australia. I play my final Melbourne show tonight Wednesday Oct 14 at 8pm at The Flying Saucer in Elsternwick. #cappuccino #melbournecoffee

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Beautiful Tasmania

This was on the drive from Launceston to Swansea in Tasmania. Wow! My eyes popped out at the colors. This Wednesday I play my final Melbourne show. It’s at The Flying Saucer in Elsternwick. Then Thursday and Friday night I play Sydney at The Camelot.

Oh Tasmania! You are a gorgeous magical place.

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Tassy! Thanks! 

This is Ange Boxall! She bought one of my new Folksinger hats yesterday. Looking good! She’s a great singer songwriter from Tasmania and yesterday she and her very cool husband Mike hosted a house concert in their backyard in Swansea on the east coast. They even had a wood fired pizza oven and invited heaps of Their Tassy friends who were smiling and singing along.

True Aussie hospitality.
Thanks Ange and Mike.

Then- as if things couldn’t get any better I caught a ride in the soundman’s can for a two hour ride to Hobart where I got to play another show. This one was at The Republic Bar. An awesome venue owned by my friend Jezza. He’s so nice and treats me like royalty. I love him.
Thanks Hobart!

Now I must catch a flight to Melbourne. I’m gonna be on Henry Wagons’ radio show this evening.

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Next stop Tasmania!

Ok! I’m about to fly to Tasmania. Wow!! Zoinks! I play Hobart tonight at The Republic Bar but first I play a living room show at someone’s (Ange Boxall) house in Launceston. 2 cities and 2 shows in one day!

Tasmania! Damn. If someone told me years ago I’d  be playing a show in Tassy I would’ve never believed it.

Thanks for last night at The Spotted Mallard. Big fun. Packed house. Love everywhere.

See ya around bend.

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Tasmania interview 

Here’s the ABC interview I just did in Tasmania that you guys were live streaming. Now you’ll be able to hear the whole conversation.

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