Luneneburg kindness 

This amazing gal was knitting this beautiful cap side stage during my wharf stage set at Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival. I made up a song about her and her knitting prowess and then after the show she gave me the cap! #blownaway #randomactsofkindness #lunenburg #lunenburgfolkharbourfestival #knitting

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I’m headed into the final episode of this Canadian tour. I feel like a ripped up piece of tea stained paper crumpled up and tossed in a dirty garbage can.

I left Lunenburg and drove like a wild NASCAR driver to the airport in Halifax. Made my flight to Toronto coughing the whole way from this horrible cold that’s taken up residency in my chest.

Then when I get to Toronto they tell me my flight to Thunder Bay is cancelled. No! Please no! So they make me wait a couple hours well they figure out what to do. Then they get me a hotel room in Mississauga and I wait for a shuttle. My luggage is nowhere to be found so they give me a toothbrush.

I lay my head down to sleep at 2am and set my alarm for 5am. Boo!

I took the shuttle back to Toronto airport and now I’m hoping my luggage will make it to Thunder Bay.

Oh yeah- I’m flying to Thunder Bay! I’ve gotta be on stage in Red Rock Ontario for Live From The Rock Festival.

So- if all goes well I will land in Thunder Bay and drive to Red Rock Ontario and hit the stage this afternoon.

Hopefully my guitar and luggage make it. And hopefully the alien in my chest leaves me.

This is the final stretch. They can’t stop me! Nothing can stop me!

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Here I am with two amazing humans. That’s Joel Plaskett on the right and his father Bill Plaskett on the left. We’re at Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival. I play two more times today.

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Sneeeeze sniffle

Battling a summer cold. Bummmmmer.
My hotel room looks like a Kleenex war zone.
The show must go on!

Last night was really amazing zing zing. Thank you Miramichi New Brunswick.

Tonight Aug 3, I play 2 shows in Halifax
Nova Scotia. The city of my birth.

6:30 pm and 9pm at The Carleton. Someone please bring me some strong cough syrup.

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Miramichi New Brunswick Canada tonight. Tuesday Aug 2!
Gonna be fun.

Then 2 shows tomorrow night Aug 3 Wednesday/ at The Carleton in Halifax Nova Scotia
1st show is at 6:30
2nd show at 9pm
We had to turn it into 2 shows because tickets sales were great. So now you can bring your friends. Tix still available!

Thurs and Friday Aug 4 & 5 – I play Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival in lively Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Sat and Sun Aug 6 & 7 – I play Red Rock Ontario at Live From The Rock Festival

Then Wednesday Aug 10 I play Nashville Tn at City Winery (upstairs lounge)

Then I sleep

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Thank you for renting my brain

I was at a firefly convention hanging out on a shitball when the lady of the house motioned for me to change the record because the younger folks wanted to hear The Shagnasties.

Right when the needle hit the groove I knew everything was gonna be alright. The vases on the bookshelves rattled like earthquake victims. People started fruggin and doing the hippy shake.

By the time the pizzas were delivered I was stoned on horny weed and threw my wallet in the fire and screamed “someone else pay for the pies, my private parts itch.”

A crazy lady lit a pack of Chinese firecrackers and everyone screamed and started ducking behind furniture.

The coppers arrived and tried to shut down the party but the people weren’t having it. There was a naked girl on the roof flying a kite and smoking a corncob pipe. There was a helicopter above shining a spotlight on the naked lady’s pale skin and you could see her tribal palm tree tattoos. Some of the words were in Sanskrit and I was able to read them because Brigham Young gave me some special google translate glasses.

I started wishing I wasn’t me. I wanted to be a dog and hump people’s legs. But then I looked in the mirror and I was only me except I was paler and skinnier than usual and my eyes were as saggy as my jowly jowls.

So I entered a tunnel and realized that coupons were useless because they lured me into buying needless oddities that odd people need. So I prayed for forgiveness and forgave the forgiven and I drifted off to sleep on a cloud of ether.

Now I lay me down too steep.
I pray the bored my hole to peep.
And if I cry before I bake.
I pray the sword my pole too deep.

Have a good time with your Monday. You’re only allotted so many. Use them wisely.

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Live concert online 

Sunday July 31

My concert tonight at Club Passim in Cambridge Massachusetts will be broadcast live. I start at 9 eastern time. But don’t miss Lee Harvey Osmond who opens the show at 8. Here’s the link

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Thank you Toronto! 

Thanks Toronto. I love you. What a fun night at The Dakota. That room is something special. Great crowd. Lots of laughter. My pal Brian joined me a a few songs and shredded his guitar notes like a genie. And I got to see my cousin Jennifer and her amazing partner Nigel! 

I even slow danced under the glow of a disco ball with the great Richard Flohill. I held him in my arms as I sang Colour My World by Chicago. A moment that may have permanently scarred both of us.

I love my job.
Photo by Mark Aquilla

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Toronto Tonight

Hey friends!
I’m in Toronto. I’m playing a show tonight at 7pm. At my favorite venue! The Dakota Tavern.

Will I see you? Are you with me?
It’s a 7pm show. Early.

I love Toronto. Love love love.
Tonight. Please come out. I’m begging you. Please. I can’t live without you. You complete me.
Ruff ruff ruff! Feed me a biscuit.
See ya tonight!
Photo by the great Lisa Macintosh of Toronto! Shot at The Great Hall.

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Football star 

Did I ever tell you guys I was a professional football star?

Yeah, back in the day. Noineen 73. Palm Springs yo.

What was I doing here? Undressing the other guy?

By the way-
The OTHER guy is Rob Little aka Mokie. My best pal.

Hey- I screwed up the other day when I said my 2nd Carleton Halifax show was being added for Thursday Aug 4. That was not right.
It’s impossible to do that. My Lunenburg Nova Scotia show is later than I thought.

So – we’ve added a second show on Wed Aug 3. Due to overwhelming demand I have agreed to do two shows in one night. Yes, you read that correctly. 2 shows in one night.

A 6:30pm show and a 9pm show. Wednesday Aug 3. Carleton Halifax.

This second show already has limited tickets so act now or forever hold your niece. Or is it peace? Or is it piece? Forever hold your lease. (On life)

What the hell AM i doing in this photo?
Thanks to Dean Lockwood for finding this photo.

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