Cool people

I shared the bill last night in Whitehorse Yukon with this amazing duo from Horsefly British Columbia. Pharis and Jason Romero. Pharis is holding their brand new little girl Indigo. Not only is their music amazing but they also make banjos. Music: Banjos:

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Cool Canadians

Standing with some Canadian musician friends. That’s the amazing Danny Michel on the left. Check out his stuff online. He recently made a record in Belize. So good. The lad in the middle is Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip. He played a show last night at this festival with The Sadie’s doing songs off of a new collaboration called Gord Downie The Sadie’s and The Conquering Sun.

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Mother Nature’s Child

Here I am blending in with Mother Nature in The Yukon. The animals seem to love me. I love them.

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Rattlin in Atlin BC

This was at 3:30am after a late night jam session around a bonfire. This place is stupid beautiful! Atlin British Columbia. The only way to drive in is from Whitehorse Yukon.

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3 prongs

This is a rare 3 pronged erection. Until now it’s only been visible by aliens for deep cavity searches in the territory known as sector 9. I can’t fucking believe I just took this photograph. You guys all owe me money just for looking at it. I should charge first but I’m going with trust because I like you.

I heard that Bigfoot has a 3 pronger but no one has ever really seen it. His wife Sasscrotch wrote a tell all biography that is supposedly coming out later this year on Amazon.
This is all I can say it about for now.

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Atlin British Columbia

Just arrived at Atlin Arts and Music Festival in Atlin British Columbia. It’s sold out but here I am with Gordie Tentrees doing a live stream.

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Upcoming NYC shows

Use your feet to eat. It stretches out your hamstrings AND it’s nourishing. Plus- maple syrup is good for you and — Roger Miller called it maple syrple. Because then he could rhyme it with purple.
Good times with pancakes and art. It is fun. New York City
2 nights at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3.

196 Allen St NYC

Git yer tix
Friday July 18 – 9:30pm

Sunday July 20 – 9:30pm

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A sign from the universe

I was driving down the road in Haines Junction in The Yukon and I said to myself “I wonder where my gig is tonight?” Then I saw this sign and I said to myself “this must be a sign from the universe that I’m supposed to turn here.” I’ve arrived.

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Cough eee roasters

Right now I’m getting jacked up on caffeine at this place in Whitehorse in The Yukon. Then I’m gonna drive like a banshee to Haines Junction for my show tonight at St Elias Center. The weather up here is gorgeous today. But that could easily change in the blink of a butthole. Do buttholes blink?

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I made Tahoe Onstage I made Tahoe Onstage! The new phone books are in The new phone books are in! read all about it here!

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