######### <<<<<<<######### Everyone is talking at the same time. I kind of like it. It’s like a symphony. Voices melt like velvet frosting with a river of sparkles. Sometimes it’s good to just let the voices wash over you like a waterfall of vowels and nouns and pluperfect tenses. If you listen real close you can hear the orchestra conductor breathing through his nose like a horse as he waves his arms and gyrates to the rhythm of the pioneers who came before him on this wild wild journey. They’re only words and sentence structures that got fractured in the day to day grind. They’re musical but they’re also shy. Not as shy as the protagonist in the song by Kajagoogoo but almost as shy. #kajagoogoo

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Bryn Mawr Pa tonight 

Tonight I play Bryn Mawr Twilight Concerts. 7 pm

So if you’re in the Philadelphia area then come on out for some free money that I’ll be giving away.

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Anther Rugburns show added. All ages! 

I was not expecting The Rugburns show to sell out so fast. All the tickets went in a few hours! I guess people miss The Rugburns

Thanks you!

So— we’ve added another show at a different venue for the next night. This one is ALL AGES. Many of you probably met each other at Rugburns shows and had kids.

Here’s the catch for this one. It’s at Java Joe’s and he only has room for about 70 people. John Castro and Stinky had to change their flights and whatnot.

The Rugburns
Java Joe’s
3536 Adams Ave
San Diego Ca
All Ages
June 24
Jose Sinatra opens the show

Tickets are 22.50 and only available by calling Java Joe
619 274 9989

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Toronto in September! 

Toronto will be fun in September! look at this great festival im playing. TURF!

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Rugburns! Bar Pink June 23 San Diego

I have a special announcement to make. Is this mic on? Is this mic on? Hello?

My friend John Castro will be in San Diego on Tuesday June 23. So when I was out with him in NYC last week he said that he’d love to play a Rugburns show.

I thought that was a grand idea. People never get to see The Rugburns. It’s summer. It’s a Tuesday night. Let’s make it 9pm. And let’s make it only 10 bucks. Old school summer fun.

Tim Mays told us that Bar Pink in North Park said they had availability. So we said yes.

The only catch is that it only holds 200. So get yer tickets early. We don’t be playing very often. Stinky is flying down from Sacramento. Doc is driving down from Oceanside. John Castro is flying in from NYC and I arrive from Halifax the night before.

This is going to be AMAZING! And yes, this is a picture of my Dad kissing my Mom back in Halifax. Maybe that was the night I was conceived!

The Rugburns
Bar Pink
3829 30th Street
San Diego California
June 23
Doors at 8
We hit the stage at 9
10 bucks. Yes only 10 bucks. Old school.

Get yer tickets here 

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Ashland Coffee and Tea 

Last night was Easton Maryland. Dang it all that was a fun show. I was on my weird rocker floating through a sea of crazy energy molecules.

Tonight?? I play Ashland Coffee & Tea in Ashland Virginia. 8pm.

I think I’ll just keep riding the wave I’m riding until further notice.

See ya tonight in Virginia.

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347 Steps Podcast 

I was on a fun podcast called ummmm what was it called? Oh yeah! It’s called 347 Steps Podcast and it’s now up and ready for your listening enjoyment. Listen here 

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Watch a 10 second video. Poltz at The Stoltz! 

If ya see me on the highway if ya see me on the highway I be headed to The Stoltz Listening Room. Poltz at the Stoltz Poltz at the Stoltz I be headed on the highway to the listening room. Do ya hear me? ——/// yes! Tonight I play Easton Maryland The Stoltz Listening Room at The Avalon Theater. 

Watch video here

Steve Poltz June 10 Wednesday. At The Stoltz Listening Room at The Avalon Theater in Easton Maryland. 8pm 

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I will sue all of you. 

In the future I will be at these places. I can see into the future.

You’d better damn well be at everyone of these shows or else. Or else I’ll sue you. I will take your home away from you and all your belongings. Litigate is my middle name. Do you want to really go to court? You WILL lose. If you’d like to avoid a ton of legal bills then just show up at these shows.

Let’s avoid attorney fees.

Please join me in choosing a peaceful resolve.

Come to these shows.
Every last one. Huzzah!
Save money by attending.

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Everyone loves me

So I guess these guys want to come to my show tonight in NYC. Everyone likes me. Even escaped NY killers. I’ll see y’all tonight Rockwood Music Hall at 8:30pm. Get your tickets here you crazy jail breakers. I ain’t putting you on the guest list.

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