Iona Cape Breton

Ok you guys. Cape Breton is sublime. Seriously, you need to visit here. The audience was insane. Sold out show of crazies. These are my people. We must be long lost cousins and I love them. Iona Cape Breton. The Iona Heights Inn. I played here at The Frolic and Folk Pub. A super cool dude named Ruari (pronounced Rory) booked me here.
Thank you!
Next stop Newfoundland!

Iona Cape Breton tonight!

Ok weirdos! I'm kinda excited. Why? Well, because tonight I get to play a show in Cape Breton. My Ma is from Cape Breton. I'm playin Iona at The Frolic and Folk Pub at The Iona Heights Inn. Tonight at 8.

You know how you get excited about stuff? My Ma is from North Sydney and I loved hearing stories about Cape Breton.

I'm going to off tonight. Like a firecracker. I feel energized. I may run all the way from Halifax! Photo by Laurie Beaten.

Dear beautiful friends

Goodnight you beautiful friends. I'm very lucky to meet so many good hearted people. You give me faith. You give me hope. I love you.
These days are dark, but you guys are candles. I love it when one candle is used to light another candle. And on and on and on.

I love looking in your souls and having a connection. I admire you and see God in your eyes. Shelter. Warmth. Peace. A powerful current of pure uncut golden unadulterated love. Thank you for being a friend. I really appreciate you with all my heart.

We are on a relay race. Look back if you must, but only to learn. Stay focused. Look forward to good things. I need you. You really have no idea how much I need you. Lean on me and if you fall I'll pick you up.
God bless you.

Irony deficient

I recently told a friend that there were roaches infesting the office of a pest control service I once hired.

My friend didn't think this was weird or funny or ironic. So I'm wondering if it's possible to be irony deficient? And if so, could you get a prescription for irony pills or are they sold over the counter?


They talk sorta funny in Newfoundland. I ain't there yet but I will be soon.
I remember one this dude came up to me and he was wondering who my parents were.
He said "who da frig knit you b'y?"
B'y is how they say boy.
They even call girls b'y.

So here I am at Kingsville Folk Music Festival and there's this cool dude knitted to a tree.
I asked him who da frig knit him but he didn't answer. #newfoundland

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