Toronto is very sooooon

If you were to look at my schedule you may say “wow that person is nutso magutso. He’s playing in Toronto on Feb 2? But he’s in New Mexico the day before. And tonight he’s Vienna Virginia at Jammin Java. So you’re telling me he goes to New Mexico tomorrow and then he’s going to be in Toronto on Feb 2? At The Dakota Tavern?”

The answer is yes.
February 2, I’m playing The Dakota Tavern in Toronto.

This show is very close being sold out so get your tix here

See ya somewhere down the road.

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It’s curtains for you

Closing the curtains. Opening the curtains. The curtains have a mind of their own. It’s curtains for you. Don’t be curt with the curtains. They have feelings too.

I finished the final episode of the final season of Friday Night Lights. Dang. That show will make you cry. What am I gonna do now. It’s like they became my friends. I wish there were more seasons.

Tonight my friends showed up at my gig in Charlottesville Virginia. Ellis Paul was there in full force.
So was Devon Sproule and her sweet man Paul Curreri. And the. Paul’s brother Matt Curreri walked on in. Epic night of stories and songs. Grant-Lee Phillips was phenomenal.

Next stop- Ashland Coffee & Tea.

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God Bless Todd Snider! 

Got to see my friend Todd Snider last night at Basement East in Nashville.

Todd is a peach. We first met many many moons ago when I was in The Rugburns and he was in The Nervous Wrecks. Maybe 1993? We played a street festival in Indianapolis and then played whiffle ball in the middle of a bar and ended up painting each other’s fingernails and ties with sparkly blue polish.

I love him. He’s a sensitive, true, gentle human being and an amazing songwriter/storyteller. It was so fun to catch up on life and music. We said we should start a tour with Bob Schneider and Hayes Carll and sing weird songs to other weird humans. We could call it Schneider Snider Carll and Poltz. It almost sounds like an accounting firm. But what are we counting? Our blessings?

Anyways- God bless Todd Snider. I love this man. I’m lucky know such good people. Feeling blessed to be alive today. xoxo

I play Charlottesville Virginia tonight at The Southern Cafe and Music Hall.

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Fun podcast! 

Oh wow! I did this hilarious podcast with Matt Wardlaw called Lost Together. This is why I should never do a podcast in the morning right when I wake up. I was on a telephone feeling way too comfortable. Matt is in Cleveland. I love Cleveland! I’ll be playing a show there Wednesday Feb 10 at Music Box Supper Club. 
Here’s the podcast! 

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Trying to avoid the snow !

One cool thing about all the snow yesterday is that it made everything white all around us. Denise Siegel-Phillips took this cool photo of Grant-Lee Phillips next to me in the snow. We look like we could be on Starsky and Hutch or something.

I play a 30 min solo set tonight in Nashville at 3rd and Lindsley. 7-7:30pm.

Then —>
I hit the road with Grant Lee and we play all these fine venues- one quick note-
The * means these gigs are with Grant Lee Phillips. No * means it’s just me.

Another side note-
I’m having so much fun with Grant. He’s a cool dude and very funny and a great songwriter and performer. It’s a cool combo. We each play solo sets and we also do a few times together. There’s a beat yin yang thing that happens.

Here are the dates
Jan 24 Nashville Tn 3rd and Lindsley 7:10pm 30 min show
Jan 26 Charlottesville Virginia- The Southern Cafe*
Jan 27 Ashland Virginia- Ashland Coffee and Tea*
Jan 28 Vienna Virginia – Jammin Java*
Jan 29 Albuquerque NM- The Cooperage
Jan 30 Red River NM- Motherlode Saloon- Red River Songwriters Fest
Jan 31 Santa Fe NM – Jean Cocteau Cinema
Feb 2 Toronto On Canada- The Dakota
Feb 3 Oakville On- Canada- The Moonshine Cafe
Feb 4 Ardmore Pa- Ardmore Music Hall*
Feb 5 NYC Rockwood Stage 2*
Feb 6 Natick Massachussetts- The Center For Arts in Natick*
Feb 8 Pittsburgh Pa- Pittsburgh Winery*
Feb 9 Ann Arbor Michigan The Ark*
Feb 10 Cleveland Ohio- Music Box Supper Club*
Feb 11 Chicago Illinois- City Winery*
Feb 12 Fairmont Illinois- Sleepy Creek Vineyards*
Feb 13 Cincinatti Ohio- Live at The Ludlow Garage*
Feb 15 Springfield Illinois- Casey’s Pub* Bedrock 66 Live!
Feb 16 St Louis Missouri- The Old Rock House*

Then we both head to Folk Alliance in Kansas City.

Thanks for coming out to the shows. Let’s hope the snow storms avoid the rest of our tour.

Love ya heaps! xoxo

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Hitchhiker Joe video found!

Before I left on this current tour I’m on I was searching through old tapes and found a pristine copy of Hitchhiker Joe on VHS. Thanks to Alan Bershaw for transferring this puppy to digital for me to upload. This song was written by Steve Poltz and Steve Foth in the back of Foth’s VW bus en route from Encinitas to San Diego. The video was directed by Michael Addis and features many different San Diego luminaries. On the congas is Jeff Berkley and playing the part of Hitchhiker Joe is Mighty Joe Longa. The Principal is played by Jose Sinatra. John Hogan of the band Rust is also in the video wearing a dark suit and holding the door shut.. Jewel appears in the 3rd verse as “my girlfriend Lois”. The video was filmed at Hilltop High in Chula Vista Ca. The Rugburns are Gregory Page on bass, Stinky on drums, “Doctor” Robert Driscoll on lead guitar and Steve Poltz on acoustic guitar and vocals. The song was produced by Buddy Blue. Thanks to Alan Bershaw for transferring this from VHS to digital and for archiving! I think this was filmed back in 1996?? WATCH HERE!

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Chicago Feb 11 City Winery

I don’t want to Spam you with needless information but I think this is important.

I get to play a show in Chicago on Thursday February 11th with my dear pal Grant-Lee Phillips at City Winery Chicago.

I think you should walk to the show. You’ll save money on gas. Plus, you’ll be doing good things for your health AND the planet. If you’re in California start walking now. Wear warm socks and stuff. And pack a lunch. Spam? Wonder bread?

Here’s the link for tickets

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Charlotte NC cancelled tonight. 

Photo by Scott Bernstein!

Another canceled show! This weather is eating us alive. Sorry for the bad news but Grant-Lee Phillips @grantleephillips and I are going to have to cancel our show tonight at The Evening Muse in Charlotte North Carolina due to a nasty winter storm. Dammit! I was really looking forward to this show.
We are headed to Nashville where Grant resides. Looks like I’ll have a couple days off. I should really try to find a house concert in Nashville to play. Saturday? Hmmm. Could be cool. Or even tonight.
Sorry to cancel Charlotte.

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Whitesburg Kentucky Cancelled! 

Bummer news. We have to cancel our show this Saturday in Whitesburg Kentucky. Apparently there’s a crazy storm coming and we’d be snowed in.

Bums me out because the dude at the summit city lodge in Whitesburg sounded cool. He’s my new friend. Dang it all.

Summit City Lodge
Whitesburg Kentucky
Saturday January 23rd.

Does anyone wanna put on a house concert in Nashville on Saturday? That’s where I’ll be now.

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Eddie’s Attic Decatur Georgia – tonight!

Me and my paL Grant-Lee Phillipswill be at the esteemed venue Eddie’s Attic. Decatur Georgia! This evening. That’s right. Atlanta people come on out and represent. Tonight!

We love you. Our friend Jackson loves you too.

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