Flan Flan Girl

Question I’d like to be asked today- episode 2

Hey Steve, is there an author that you’ve always been obsessed with?

Great question! Thanks for asking.
I’ve always loved Flannery O’Connor. She wrote beautiful heart wrenching short stories and really seemed to capture southern attitudes and mores. I always go back to her.

Here’s a rare recording of her reading A Good Man Is Hard To Find.


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Made it to Peterborough 

Hey! I made it to Peterborough South Australia. I was in Perth, West Australia this morning. This guitar has sure traveled some miles. It’s been on ferries and mules and speedboats and helicopters and planes and trains and automobiles.

I’m going to go to sleep now because it’s midnight here and I’ve got a busy Saturday ahead of me.

March 28
In the morning I teach a songwriting workshop
Then later that night-
I play
Peterborough South Australia
Peterborough Football Club Memorial Oval

March 29
Adelaide, South Australia
Jade Monkey

Mar 30 I fly home
Adelaide to Sydney to Los Angeles to San Diego

Then I take a nap

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Headed to Peterborough and Adelaide

So long Perth and Freo. I had a great time. This morning’s breakfast was amazing. Poached eggs to perfection on wonderful bread with tasty mushrooms and spinach and this crazy good sauce they made.
Gordon St Garage is the name of the restaurant.

I’m headed on a plane to South Australia. Peterborough and Adelaide. Here’s some press love

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Crazy Aussies I’ve met 

Australians be crazy. This cat Brad McKenzie showed up at my gig with this shirt he designed. The o in Poltzy is the X-ray pic of my brain.

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Tasty art

I like it when I order my food and it’s aesthetically pleasing as well as scrumptious. I like art it is tasty.

Also here’s a lil interview I did.

See ya tonight at Mojo’s in Fremantle.

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Rrrrrrrr radio

I was on the radio in Perth West Australia! Listen here

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While my guitar gently eats

I look at you all by the shops as you’re walking.
While my guitar gently eats.

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Stay gold 

I got a new T-shirt!
Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.

This is the greatest day!
Woo hoo!

Do you remember this line from The Outsiders? S.E. Hinton? I cried when I read it.
Remember – Ponyboy reads a Robert Frost poem to Johnny?
Something about “nothing gold can stay”.

Aghhhhhh. All good things must come to an end.

Stay gold, you freaks.

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Mojo’s Tonight! Fremantle West Australia

I’m in Perth West Australia. So far away. Like really far away. It’s sunny and warm everyone is doing their errands and seeing friends. There’s a sweet vibe in the air today.

I had a fun show last night. Tonight I get to do it again.
This time it’s in Freo. That’s what they call Fremantle.

I’m playing Mojo’s. (Great venue)

See you tonight! Or just on the old internet. Either way, we’ll be connected. We got lettuce and celery and broccoli.


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Yeah yeah concrete love 

Concrete love is reinforced by rebar, sand, filaments, dirty water and several ingredients aliens passed down through secret tunnels in ancient pyramids. It’s a dirty filthy love full of cracks, torn nylons and tomato seeds.

Concrete love was meant to be a Neil Simon comedy but it never got off the ground. The theater production was doomed from the start with awkward pacing and unpredictable 2nd rate Broadway actors. The dialogue was hackneyed and amateur.

Concrete love is now nothing more than a memory stenciled and spray painted on the sides of unsuspecting walls in cities everywhere. All you need is paint and love and concrete.

I love concrete love.

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