I’m just a chair

This cool artist named Kelly Dawson made a chair based on my song Folksinger. She brought it to the gig I played in Indianapolis and had me sign the back. The chair has all these hidden and not so hidden clues and symbols to the verses of the song. It’s seriously crazy. And I know crazy. And I like crazy. Amazing. Thank you Kelly Dawson for bringing this chair to the show. She was polite and waited until everyone got their merch signed and the venue emptied out and then she brought in this work of chair art.

Gracias Kelly! I hope the chair is displayed somewhere really cool in your artist loft that I imagine you live in.

Live long and prosper.

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Crazy mind goes zing zing zap

Sometimes after a show my head goes into hyperdrive and my brain becomes a faulty wire with afrayed electric plug and I’m left alone to dance and sizzle in a murky algae filled puddle of gutter water. 
This is when I usually take very deep breaths and exhale and inhale like a squeeze box. I try to shut my eyes but my eyes won’t have it. They roll around in loopy circles like a cartoon character who gets hit in the head by an anvil. 
It’s then that I turn to my memories of Sasquatch Medical School. SMS was a loving unorthodox college underneath some trees in a forest that is now used as a driving range for horny salesmen and women working on their swings. It’s musty and musky and overgrown with moss and vines yet its greens are manicured like an Augusta championship 18th hole. No one has even seen Sasquatch except for an old man with hyena eyes named Old Man Hyena Eyes or OMHE which most people just pronounce ŌmmmHeee. 
The only problem with the course is that there are feral cats running amok and they wail like wild banshees all night long and smoke catnip out of spliffs rolled with 1970s Cheech and Chong rolling papers. Other than that, how did you like the play Mrs Lincoln? 
Sleep is starting to roll in like a tide of Valium hidden in an Ambien mixed with droopy eyelids. So I shall now say goodnight my friends. I send you love and good wishes. xo

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Some Winnipeg Love 

Thanks for chatting with me- Erin Lebar of Winnipeg Free Press. I remember this conversation. I was in Australia and you were way over yonder in Winnipeg. I think I had accidentally peed in a sink the night before. Like a crazy old man in a bar. 
As it so happens, I’ll be in Winnipeg this Saturday. 
But first I think I’ll go to OKC. 
Oh yeah – here’s the article  

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Oklahoma City tonight

Airport brekkie. Two oatmeals for hoggy lil me. One tea and a water. I’m headed to Oklahoma City. I play The Blue Door tonight at 8. Yes!

Thanks to all the fine folks in Indianapolis for showing up on a school night and bringing their fun faces. I love your facking fun faces. What a night! It’s all downhill from here.

Oklahoma here I come! Excitement warshed over the dude.

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Email of the day 

Sometimes I get nice messages from people. This is from Jamie. I like him. (He had to put a poor cat out of its misery and used one of my Rugburns songs to drown out the noise. I think a passing truck ran over his cat and the cat was about to die so he had to put it out of its misery. He was shattered over this. ) He was at my show here in Indianapolis last night. Here’s his message—

Hey, Steve! You probably don’t remember me. I used to go to your Indy shows. Some may remember me as Jamie “the cat guy.” I’m the one who ran over a suffering cat and drowned out the noise by cranking up “Suburbia.” It’s been several years since I’ve been to one of your shows. A lot has happened. I’ve been through a divorce, remarried, had another kid… But I feel it’s time to make time to see you again. It’s time I started new memories at your shows with my new wife, Lauren. She doesn’t like most of my music except you and Tom Petty. I’m a heavy metal and hard rock kinda guy and she obsesses over 80s music (mainly Oingo Boingo). She heard you sing “Oogum Boogum” on Bob and Tom one day and she sang along with you. It was nice to share a common musical interest for once and now we need to share more. I miss you, Steve! I’ve kept buying your albums, I’ve followed you on social media, I prayed for you through your health problems and I can’t wait to see you Wednesday!

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Way back machine

I keep finding all these old pictures! Here I am in Tangier Morocco in 1988. It was late Sept and The Dodgers won the World Series later in October of that year. I remember I had to check baseball scores each morning in The International Herald Tribune. Sometimes the games would go late and the paper would already be at press so I’d have to wait 2 days to get the scores. It was too expensive to call home. I remember scouring that issue of time magazine. I was homesick and had been playing guitar on the streets for passing change. Wow! I’m still allowed to play songs! I play Indianapolis this Wednesday and OKC on Thursday and Winnipeg on Saturday.

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The hot sauce made me ramble 

You guys know how much I love baseball. Well, I just love The World Series. It’s kinda cool not really caring who wins this year. I don’t love The Mets and I don’t love The Royals so it’s fun
to just watch the games unfold and still feel the drama. I’m happy The Mets won last night because I want this series to go 7 games. I want game 7 to go 20 innings and end on a bizarre play.

Go team.

In other news- I can’t believe I head to Indianapolis this Wednesday.

I actually play a show in Indy! This Wednesday. Yikes. I just got back from Australia.

So yeah- Wednesday I play a new venue. It’s called The Hi-Fi. I love new venues. This should be pretty dang cool. I have A LOT of friends in Indy and my roots with that city go way back to The Rugburns days. I’m excited.

Then Thursday get to return to Oklahoma City. My roots go way back there too. It seems I am lucky and friends in a lot of different cities. My Greg Johnson owns The Blue Door and that’s where I’ll be this Thursday.

Then some real cool folks hired me to play a private show in OKC on Friday. I think this one is gonna be a good’n.

Then on Saturday I zip up to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada!
That’s quite a haul. I play that night at The Park Theater. Woo hoo! My Dad was born in Winnipeg. It’s my return since playing The Winnipeg Folk Fest.

Then I head to Texas Nov 11-14. I’m fixing to play Dallas Nov 11 at The Kessler Theater. I’ll be opening for Karla Bonoff. I’m thrilled!

Nov 12 I’ll be playing a private show a cool guy named Wayne hired me to play.

Then on Friday Nov 13 I get to finally return to Houston to play the venerable Mucky Duck. I love this room. My friends Rusty and Teresa own it and they treat me like a king. Food and hugs and stuff.

Then on Saturday Nov 14 I return to a city I adore— Austin Tx. I play Strangebrew! Can’t wait. Many Austin pals to catch up with.

Then Nov 21 Saturday night I return to San Diego. I play Poway Center For Performing arts. Oh heck yes!

Then I chill out for the rest of the year. And. Just. Rest. My. Body.

—Unless some crazy offer comes in. But I reckon I’ll just have a nice long rest.
Why not.

Tonight I’m going to see John Prine and Kris Kristofferson play in San Diego. Two legends. I get to be a civilian. I can’t wait!

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Radio this morning. Thursday! 

I’ll be live on the old radio this morning outta San Diego. KYXY 96.5 FM
7:35am San Diego time. 

Stream here 

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Blue skies

Blue skies.
Good to be home in San Diego! I should have major jet lag but I don’t. I drank some stuff I got at the airport in Sydney. It’s called 1above. I swear it worked. I drank 3 big bottles. Really weird but I feel great. I also went to a great Bikram yoga class this morning. Stretched out after a long flight.

I finished season 1 of Friday Nighy Lights on that long arse flight. Major guilty pleasure.

I also started the new season of Fargo. So good!

What else did I do? I read the New York Times, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, The Economist and Rolling Stone.

I’m on a crazy high being back home. That Australia tour was amazing. I really love that country.

The World Series starts tonight! I definitely want it to go 7 games. I don’t really care who wins. I just want it to be super close and exciting.

Did I mention that it’s great to be home?

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Thank you very much, Australia. 

I’m a headed to the airport in Sydney to catch a short little 15 hour flight to LAX. Then I’ll clear customs and hop a lil 50 minute flight to San Diego. So- it’s Monday here already and by the time I leave it’ll be 6:30pm. Coincidentally I will land in San Diego on Monday at 6:30pm. So I guess that means that the flight isn’t really real.

Thank you Australia. This was definitely real. I love you. Your country makes my heart happy.
I’ll be back.

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