I’m in Toronto.

It’s like I was just in Albuquerque and this really nice girl handed me this crafty item she made. I love it. I can’t remember your name but I’m thanking you big time right here. I wanna always have this little gem sitting proudly at my merch table. Imagine the places it will travel to.

UPDATE! Jessica Schreiner made it. Thanks Jessica. 
Tonight just like that I’m in Toronto. I play The Dakota Tavern at 7pm. There aren’t many tickets left so act now or forever hold your hands on your ears so they lay flat.

Oh Canada! You are such a nice country. It’s good to be here.

Hey, last week when I was in Washington DC I was on a podcast with Grant-Lee Phillips. It’s called The Circus Life and you can hear it by visiting this little space on the Internet

It’s a beautiful day in Toronto. Wednesday Feb 3 I play a show in Oakville Ontario at The Moonshine.

Thursday Feb 4 I’m in Philly! The Ardmore Music Hall

Friday Feb 5 I’m in NyC at Rockwood Music Hall

Saturday Feb 6 I’m in Natick Mass at Center For The Arts in Natick. So I want all my Boston friends to come on out.

All of my tour dates are here


Thanks again for the crafty art!

See you tonight in Toronto at The Dakota.

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New Mexico! I love you

Oh New Mexico! You’re so beautiful this morning. I took this pic on the drive down from Red River to Santa Fe. Thanks for the great times at The Red River Songwriters Festival. I had so much fun. What an energetic appreciative crowd. Tonight I play Santa Fe NM tonight at Jean Cocteau Cinema. Can’t wait! xoxo

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San Diego Chargers

Honey? I WAS in love with you but I’ve recently met this rich chick in Los Angeles. She lives in Inglewood. So, I’ve decided to move in with her.

A few months later…..

Ummm honey? It’s me. Uh yeah, things aren’t really working out with the rich chick in L.A. I think I wanna move back in with you in our home in San Diego. Yeah- well to be honest, the chick in LA isn’t really that into me I guess. It’s kind of a long story and embarrassing.

So Whaddya think? Should we give it another go? Oh, I forgot to tell you that in a year she said she might have a bigger house and MAY want me to move back in with her. So I may leave you again next year but for now I want to stay here with you.

In the words of my dear friend Keith R. Wilson “Boy this is awkward.”

San Diego Super Chargers -San Diego CHARGERS!

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Thanks Albuquerque. Now headed to Red River NM

Thanks to all the fine folks who came out to the show last night in Albuquerque New Mexico. It’s always fun hopping up in that stage and seeing what happens.

This one nice fella had me scribble on his guitar. We kinda look like brothers.

Yesterday I flew from Baltimore to ABQ. Got off the plane and rented a car and played a show.

Today I have a 5 hour drive to Red River New Mexico for The Red River Songwriters Festival. Should be beautiful up there.

Sunday I play The Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe New Mexico.

Then on Tuesday I play The Dakota in Toronto of all places. I think I’ll fly rather than walk.

Here’s a cool article previewing my upcoming show in Cleveland with Grant-Lee Phillips.

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Headed to New Mexico

This is a beauty sunrise this morning. I’m at BWI headed to Albuquerque New Mexico. Lovely.

I play The Cooperage tonight.

Then on Saturday I play The Res River Songwriters Festival.

On Sunday Jan 31 I play Santa Fe NM at Jean Cocteau Cinema.

Thanks for last night in Vienna Virginia. Great times. Beautiful group of punters. Love!

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Del Fest! 

Good news! Good news!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be performing at the 9th Annual DelFest in Cumberland, MD over Memorial Day Weekend! Tickets are onsale now right here!

This is awesome. What a crazy lineup! DelFest

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Vienna Virginia tonight

Backstage with all the water at Jammin’ Java. I am kind of thirsty. So I reckon I should hydrate away.

I get to play a show tonight at 8 with my amigo Grant-Lee Phillips. So if you’re near DC then by all means shoot on by. I’d love to see you.

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Toronto is very sooooon

If you were to look at my schedule you may say “wow that person is nutso magutso. He’s playing in Toronto on Feb 2? But he’s in New Mexico the day before. And tonight he’s Vienna Virginia at Jammin Java. So you’re telling me he goes to New Mexico tomorrow and then he’s going to be in Toronto on Feb 2? At The Dakota Tavern?”

The answer is yes.
February 2, I’m playing The Dakota Tavern in Toronto.

This show is very close being sold out so get your tix here

See ya somewhere down the road.

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It’s curtains for you

Closing the curtains. Opening the curtains. The curtains have a mind of their own. It’s curtains for you. Don’t be curt with the curtains. They have feelings too.

I finished the final episode of the final season of Friday Night Lights. Dang. That show will make you cry. What am I gonna do now. It’s like they became my friends. I wish there were more seasons.

Tonight my friends showed up at my gig in Charlottesville Virginia. Ellis Paul was there in full force.
So was Devon Sproule and her sweet man Paul Curreri. And the. Paul’s brother Matt Curreri walked on in. Epic night of stories and songs. Grant-Lee Phillips was phenomenal.

Next stop- Ashland Coffee & Tea.

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God Bless Todd Snider! 

Got to see my friend Todd Snider last night at Basement East in Nashville.

Todd is a peach. We first met many many moons ago when I was in The Rugburns and he was in The Nervous Wrecks. Maybe 1993? We played a street festival in Indianapolis and then played whiffle ball in the middle of a bar and ended up painting each other’s fingernails and ties with sparkly blue polish.

I love him. He’s a sensitive, true, gentle human being and an amazing songwriter/storyteller. It was so fun to catch up on life and music. We said we should start a tour with Bob Schneider and Hayes Carll and sing weird songs to other weird humans. We could call it Schneider Snider Carll and Poltz. It almost sounds like an accounting firm. But what are we counting? Our blessings?

Anyways- God bless Todd Snider. I love this man. I’m lucky know such good people. Feeling blessed to be alive today. xoxo

I play Charlottesville Virginia tonight at The Southern Cafe and Music Hall.

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