Denver! May 13

Denver Colorado! I shall see you Friday May 13. Please alert your friends and friends of friends. The Walnut Room. 9pm is the showtime. Tickets here

13 reasons I am excited to play Denver on the 13th-

1. I like making lists
2. Denver has people who like music
3. I have a guitar and some songs and stories
4. I’ve never played The Walnut Room before
5. Clubs are like fire hydrants and I need to pee on all of them and mark my territory
6. Denver has 6 letters
7. Denver omelettes taste good
8. Bob Denver played Gilligan
9. Jack Kerouac took in speed Denver
10. If John Denver had started a band with Bob Denver they could’ve been called The Denvers
11. The Denver Broncos won the hockey cup for skiing
12. Hippies can buy weed legally
13. It’s Friday The 13th!

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Phoenix Az! Friday night

Hello Phoenix Arizona! I’ll see you tomorrow Friday May 6 at 7:30pm at The Musical Instrument Museum. tickets

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Phoenix Arizona? Yes! 

Do you folks like Phoenix? Well, if you’re so inclined please come to my extravaganza this Friday. I promise to sweat and dance a bit and sing my heart out. get tix here

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Shows shows shows

Don’t worry, I won’t bite you.
Come see me play some music.

Here are a few places you can find me-

Sun May 1 Charleston WV Mountain Stage

Fri May 6 Phoenix Az Musical Instrument Museum

Fri May 13 Denver, CO The Walnut Room

Sat May 14 Colorado Springs Friends House Concert Series

Wed May 18 Portland, Oregon Doug Fir Lounge w/ Grant Lee Phillips

Thu May 19 Grass Valley Ca Center For The Arts w/ Grant Lee Phillips

Fri May 20 Chico Ca The Rendesvous w/ Grant Lee Phillips

Sat May 21 San Diego Ca The North Park Festival of the Arts

Sun May 22 San Francisco Ca Slim’s w/ Grant Lee Phillips

Mon May 23 Evanston, IL S.P.A.C.E. w/ Brothers Comatose

Tue May 24 Indianapolis The Hi-Fi w/ Brothers Comatose

Wed May 25 Pittsburgh Pa Pittsburgh Winery w/ Brothers Comatose

Fri May 27 Cumberland MD Del Fest

Sat May 28 Cumberland MD Del Fest

Mon May 30 NYC City Winery w/ Alejandro Escovedo

Tue May 31 NYC City Winery w/ Alejandro Escovedo

Fri June 4 Nelsonville Ohio Nelsonville Folk Festival

Sat June 4 Nelsonville Ohio Nelsonville Folk Festival

Sun June 5 Nelsonville Ohio Nelsonville Folk Festival

Thurs June 9 Arlington Tx Levitt Pavillion For Performing Arts

Fri June 10 Austin Tx Threadgills

Sat June 11 Novato Ca Novato Festival of Art Wine and Music

Sun June 12 Novato Ca Novato Festival of Art Wine and Music

Sat June 18 Oceanside Ca House Concert contact Brian for Tix

Fri – Sun July 1-3 Quincy Ca High Sierra Music Festival

Sat and sun July 9 and 10
Harbor Springs Michigan Blissfest

Fri July 15 Wakefield Quebec Canada The Black Sheep Inn

Sat July 16 Perth Ontario Canada Stewart Park Festival

Sun July 17 Perth Ontario Canada Stewart Park Festival

Thurs July 21 Blue Mountains Ontario Canada Bruce Street Social Club

Fri July 22 Guelph Lake Ontario Canada Hillside Festival

Sat July 23 Guelph Lake Ontario Canada Hillside Festival

Sun July 24 Guelph Lake Ontario Canada Hillside Festival

Sun July 31 Cambridge MA Club Passim

Tues Aug 2 Miramichi NB Canada Vogue Theater

Wed Aug 3 Halifax NS Canada
The Carleton

Thurs Aug 4 Lunenburg NS Canada Lunenburg Folk Harbor Festival

Fri Aug 5 Lunenburg NS Canada Lunenburg Folk Harbor Festival

Sat Aug 6 Red Rock Ontario Canada Live From The Rock Festival

Sun Aug 7 Red Rock Ontario Canada Live From The Rock Festival

Fri Sept 16 Del Mar Ca Kaboo Festival

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I am thrilled and excited to announce that I will be performing at KAABOO DEL MAR, the ultimate Mix-perience, in September. Enjoy world-class music, hilarious comedy, incredible cuisine, craft libations, inspiring contemporary art, high-end fashion and personal indulgences. Passes are available here: See you there! #kaaboo2016

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12 tips for your eyes only

We had a broken radio that crackled in fuzzy music from broken people. I would listen with intent like a meerkat at sunset poking my head around in different directions trying to zoom in on a distant signal that always wavered with the howling wind. Sometimes I’d put my ear right up to the rattled speaker and I’d hear different things than I would if I were listening from a safe distance. I’d hear fingers squeaking on tightly wound guitar strings. I’d hear the breath and yelps of a harmonica being played. I’d hear noises that flat out scared and scarred me like a big old sexy haunted house. Roy Orbison’s voice sent shivers down my spine. What planet was he from? Crying? He meant it. Roy Orbison was a big old sexy haunted house.

When The Small Faces sang Itchycoo Park I’d perk up and study the sounds. Psychedelic extraordinaire. Listen-

-/// Tell you what I’ll do (what will you do?)
I’d like to go there now with you
You can miss out school (won’t that be cool)
Why go to learn the words of fools?
What will we do there?
We’ll get high
What will we touch there?
We’ll touch the sky
But why the tears then?
I’ll tell you why

It’s all too beautiful
It’s all too beautiful
It’s all too beautiful
It’s all too beautiful

I’d listen to these words under the covers all alone in my bedroom and they’d make me want to tell the band to be quiet so no one would hear them. We might get in trouble. It was like it was our secret.

It’s all too beautiful.
Isn’t it?

Sometimes. Sometimes it’s not all so beautiful.

But hopefully I can bottle the beauty in mason jars and poke holes in the lid I screw on top. I can use an ice pick and make lots of holes and sprinkle the bits of beauty on the not so beautiful bits of the day to day grind.

It’s a savings account of beauty stashed away for those days of missing beauty.

12 tips for your eyes only:

1. Remember where you put the mason jar

2. It’s ok if you lose the beauty for a day

3. The beauty will rebound and ricochet

4. Cats have laser eyes and know more than we do

5. Homemade cookies are much better than mass produced cookies

6. Sometimes aliens are helpful friends

7. You should arrive for international flights at least two hours early

8. I can’t think of anything that feels right in this spot

9. Nine rhymes with line. Hold the line was a lyric from a song by an eighties band called Toto

10. Try not to go to bed angry

11. a) always dance with strangers
b) never dance with strangers
c) sometimes dance with strangers
d) none of the above

12. UFOs are real

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please excuse our appearance. We are refurbishing.

PS – I think the answer to number 11 is C.

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Friday June 10 Threadgill’s Austin Tx

Friday June 10 I’ll be in Austin Texas playing Threadgill’s at 9pm.

Flights are cheap. Get on it now. Spend a lovely evening in a great city. You know you want to. Good food, great friends and free beer. (I lied about the good friends part)

See you Friday night June 10th.
Get your tickets early and get them often. Right here-

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A Song For Kosovo (in the rain) 

Thanks for filming this moment 
I was in Canberra Australia playing in The Spiegeltent. It was pouring rain and since this is a tent you could really hear the rain. 
It was one of my favorite moments. 
The song I was playing was an instrumental I wrote called A Song For Kosovo. The studio version is on my cd Dreamhouse. 
Whoever filmed this started filming after I’d already started the song and I guess they decided they should capture this moment. I love the sound of the rain. I use a looping pedal on this song so I can play both guitar parts. One ascending and one descending and they meet in the middle like cars passing each other on a country highway and then they harmonize with each other for a spell. 

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Fast Eddie is slow

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Thanks Prince! 

Stupid phone screen lights up with bad news. So fast. Flickers all of a sudden with an update buzzing in my pocket and it’s usually some breaking story. We all get them. We land at airports or wake up in our beds and turn our phones on and boom! Beep beep bap bop beep beep. Echoes and shocked faces and conversations with strangers and then texts arrive from friends who have memories about a rockstar that just passed away and these memories involve concerts or records or parties or some crazy story. I heard from quite a few people today.

Prince. Prince? This one can’t be real. But it is. Sometimes I just wish I was hiking in some place that didn’t get cell service so I wouldn’t be caught in the wave of the storm of bad news moving like a tsunami across the planet. Sometimes I want to avoid that storm and just hear about it later when the shockwaves aren’t so crazy.

Everybody seems to have a Prince story. We all have our special memory of times shared with friends while the music of Prince was blaring.

I remember when he sang 1999, and it was only the early eighties. I used to wonder what it would be like way off in the future when 1999 rolled around. It seemed so far off. And now here it is 2016 and Prince has left the building.

I’m lucky I got to see him play live more than once. Mind blown. Funk to the nth degree. It’s not only that he could play. But he could sing. No wait- he could write melodies. No! I mean lyrics. He could do everything. And he belonged to us. He was the soundtrack to my college years.

If I Was Your Girlfriend was my fave jam. No! The Cross. That was my fave. Oh wait- Controversy.
No. Let’s Pretend We’re Married. That’s it. My final answer. Ah shit. I liked so many of his songs that I can’t have a favorite.

Never met him. Didn’t know him. But I sure saw the movie Purple Rain quite a few times. Loved it.

Gifted. Intense. Soulful. Minneapolis through and through.

Thanks for the great memories. And inspiration. And divine beauty.

Prince! Hell yeah.

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