This is my 3,000th photo I’ve posted on the old Instagram! So I figured I’d make it special heshel. This was my fave Hang Ten shirt in 6th or 7th grade. Or was it 9th? I can’t remember. The only thing I remember is that tomorrow night on Thursday Sept 24 I play San Francisco at Great American Music Hall!

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Thanks Ottawa now headed back to Toronto

Hi, my name is Steve Poltz and I’m at an airport in Ottawa Canada. The code of the airport in Ottawa is YOW. It just makes me happy to say “YOW!” I’m a headed to Toronto to play a Sunday show for kids on the kids stage at TURF – Toronto Urban Roots Festival Then Tuesday I got a couple fine shows with my pal Danny Michel. Tuesday we play St Mary’s Ontario and Wednesday we play Owen Sound Ontario.

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Exciting road story 

I was in Toronto Ontario Canada yesterday and I was walking down Queen Street West and there was a Starbucks on the other side of the street so I crossed the street and went inside. There was a line of about 5 people ahead of me so I updated my website from my wordpress app on my iPhone. Finally when I got to the front of the line the barista asked me what I wanted and I said “a medium English breakfast tea” I can never remember what venti vs grande is.
So the guy says to me “we’re all outta English breakfast. How about earl grey?”

So I say “no. It’s too perfumey for me. Can you check in the back if there’s more English breakfast?”

So he goes and checks and then I returned an email from somebody at a festival wanting to know my stage plot.

So barista guy returns and says “hey, I found another box of English breakfast. Would you like a grande or venti?”

So I say “I’d like a medium. Leave a little room on top for some milk.”

So he says “ok. Here you go” and hands me me very hot cup of tea and I pay him and tip him while the people in line behind me get ready to give their orders.

So I say “thanks a lot buddy. Have nice day.”

He goes “you too!” Then he looks over my shoulder and says “NEXT?? May I take your order? We have a special pumpkin spiced latte.”

Then I sat down and drank my tea and updated my Facebook status.

#excitingroadstories #nopointatall #ventivsgrande
#pumpkinspicedlatte photo by James Dean

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Memories of Mr Crown’s 

I was in Tijuana Mexico today and I tracked down this place. Back in the 90s it used to be called Mr Crown’s and The Rugburns used to play crazy shows here. We would start our tours in Tijuana and then drive from there all across America to NYC hitting every dive bar along the way to play raucous shows for fun loving fans.

Memories. Tijuana Taxi.

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Getting ready for Australia 

Added another Melbourne area show because the others are selling out

Enter / the flying saucer

Australia is just around the corner

I better save my energy

This is gonna be a hoot to the nth degree

Photo by Flowers Are Outside Photography by Jackie Miles

Poster by meg flavell

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After The Picnic 

Here’s my long awaited follow up to my first novel!

After The Picnic

Steve returned to his home after finishing a somewhat troubling picnic with his imaginary friends. He put some soothing lotion on his mosquito bite and went to go pee. Something didn’t feel right in his stomach so he sat down on the toilet and some brown stuff came out of his bottom. He was shocked as this had never happened before. He made a promise to himself to never tell anyone.

The end

Story by Steve Poltz
Editor – Steve Poltz
Fact checker- Steve Poltz
Creative consultant- Steve Poltz
Publisher- Harcourt Poltz
Copyright- Steve Poltz Enterprises
Toilet paper- Napkins from Denny’s
Crazy person- Steve Poltz

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The Picnic (now available online) 

One time I went on a picnic and then I got bit by a mosquito.
The end.

Story by Steve Poltz
Editor – Steve Poltz
Fact checker- Steve Poltz
Creative consultant- Steve Poltz
Publisher- Harcourt Poltz
Copyright- Steve Poltz Enterprises

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San Francisco coming up soooooon. 

Do you guys like San Francisco California?

I do.

Please name 3 things you like about it.
Me first
The Weather
The People
The Food
The Architecture
The Connecticut Yankee

Oh wait. That was 5 things.

I like the fact that I get to play Great American Music Hall. Sept 24.

Cool venue.

I also like the fact that Birds Of Chicago will also be on the bill.

I double also like the fact that John Elliott is on the bill.

This is a triple knockout punch!


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Biscuit arbitration

That’d be cool if I taught a class in sustainable living and then I bait and switched them and started a presentation for their dogs called Steve Poltz Attorney For Dogs discusses dog biscuit arbitration.

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Now headed to Shelter Valley Folk Fest

Boom. Just like that I’m in Toronto. Now fixin to head over yonder to Grafton Ontario to wig out at Shelter Valley Folk Fest.

I have logged some crazy miles with this old guitar.

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