Phoenix this Wednesday Sept 14

Phoenix Arizona
September 14
Rhythm Room
That’s where I’ll be.
I’m positive it’s the 14th.
I can’t keep it all straight but this is something I’m positive of. 8pm

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Australia tour dates announced! 

I’m thrilled to announce these Australia tour dates! please tell all yer pals!

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Thanks to all who came out to City Winery Nashville last night. What a show! Joe Firstman and his band The Cordovas smashed it. Their harmonies are stellar.

I had so much fun traipsing around the stage spinning yarns and singing all kinds of new and old songs.

The good news? I get to do it again next Wednesday! My special guests are The Wild Ponies. September 7.

Look at the cool chalk art the fine folks at City Winery made.
Have a fun Friday.

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City Winery Nashville Tonight 

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I was decked out for Christmas dance at Palm Springs High at the aerial tramway.
Leisure suit – check
My date – Linda Rodas (we slow danced to Colour My World by Chicago)
I only had my learner’s permit so my Dad had to drive. I was 15.

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Aug 24 Nashville! Final night! 

The final night of my residency at City Winery Nashville is this Wednesday. It’s been fun doing this hang. The sound is stellar. The shows are wack!

My special guest this week is the great Grant-Lee Phillips. We have a fun lil chemistry together.

I have a feeling other special guests will also be showing up. I just have a weird feeling.

Come to Nashville. See me hear me feel me touch me.

Yer pal,
Steve P

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I’m in Fairhope Alabama

Hey Folks!
I’m in Fairhope Alabama right now. This is where I’ll be playing a show in about an hour. It sure is pretty here. Spanish moss makes me feel kind of peaceful.

I hope to see you in Nashville this coming Wednesday Aug 24.
It’s the final night of my residency at City Winery Nashville. Upstairs lounge.

Do you guys like burritos?
Me too!

Is anyone out there watching The Night Of? There are only 2 episodes left. What’s gonna happen?

Have fun out there. Remember to shower. People like it when you smell nice.

Your pal,
Steve xo

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Stranger danger

I’m headed to Tallahassee.
It’s going to be scintillating.
It’s a house concert tonight.
That means I’m playing in someone’s house.

A stranger is letting me into her house to play a show. Stranger danger!

I think it will be fun unless it’s a trick and they’re zombies and they start eating my flesh.

If I remain alive and not buried under their floorboards then on Saturday I’ll play another house show. The Saturday show will be in Fairhope Alabama. Alabama??? Yep. Cool huh? Right on the water!

I’ve never met the people in Fairhope either. What if they’re vampires? They may suck out all of my blood.

This may be the last time I ever post a message. If so, then just remember that I hid Jimmy Hoffa’s body in the trunk of a Camaro with California plates in long term parking at O’Hare.

Respectfully Yours,
Steven Joseph Joshua Poltz

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Some things I’ve learned 

I’ve been alive for a long time.
Here are some things I’ve learned-
1. It’s ok to pee in your pants.
2. The more I think I know, the more I’m surprised at how much I don’t know.
3. There are certain songs that Rickie Lee Jones sings that slay me. Her voice and her lyrics and phrasing. LOVE.
4. Just when I think I’m gaining traction in the music biz and succeeding-only a small handful of people will show up to my show.
5. Sometimes the shows with low attendance are the ones that are the koo koo kookiest.
6. If I forget to bring extra strings to a gig then that’ll be the show where I break 3.
7. I can still play a show with only 3 strings. It won’t sound as good but I’ll make some shit up.
8. Just when I feel like I want to quit the music biz something good will happen.
9. I don’t need very many possessions. The less keys I own, the less headaches I have.
10. Having good friends makes me feel fulfilled.
11. Megan Palmer has been through a lot of pain and struggle with breast cancer and she still has a positive attitude. This inspires me. I love it when my friends inspire me.
12. If you pee in your pants you should wash them.

Tomorrow eve on Aug 17 I play City Winery Nashville upstairs lounge at 7pm.
Megan Palmer is my special guest.

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Nashville Wednesday Aug 17

Tomorrow night. NASHVILLE!
City Winery Nashville
Upstairs lounge.
7pm. Yes, 7pm.
My special guest is the lovely Megan Palmer.
I can’t wait to see you.

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