Upcoming Shows

Here are some upcoming shows I have-

Aug 19 St John’s Newfoundland – The Ship Inn
Aug 20 Port Rexton Newfoundland -Two Whales Coffee House
Aug 21 Lewisporte Newfoundland – The Citadel House
Aug 22-24 – Burlington Newfoundland – The Gathering Festival
Aug 26 Mt Stewart Prince Edward Island – The Trailside Inn and Cafe
Aug 27 Truro Nova Scotia – The Marigold Theater
Aug 28 Halifax Nova Scotia- The Carelton
Aug 29 Norwalk Connecticut- Norwalk Concert Hall *opening for Toad The Wet Sprocket*
Aug 30 & 31 Fayetteville Arkansas – Fayetteville Roots Festival
Sept 2-6 Sisters Oregon – Sisters Folk Festival
Sept 7- Portland Oregon – Alberta Rose Theater
Sept 11 Seattle Washington- The Triple Door Theater
Sept 12 North Delta British Columbia (Vancouver area) – Old Crow House Concerts
Sept 14 Los Angeles California – Hotel Cafe
Sept 16 – Houston Texas – Mucky Duck
Sept 17 San Antonio Texas – Sam’s Burger Joint
Sept 18 Dallas Texas – The Kessler Theater *with Loudon Wainwright*
Sept 19 Peyton’s Place Tahlequah Oklahoma – Illinois River Jam
Sept 20 Oklahoma City – The Blue Door
Sept 24 – Ames Iowa – Maintenance Shop Iowa State University
Sept 26 Chicago Illinois – Schuba’s
Sept 27 Indianapolis Indiana -Sabbatical
Oct 1 Ann Arbor Michigan- The Ark
Oct 3 Fairmount Illinois- Sleepy Creek Vineyards
Oct 4 Boyne City Michigan – Freshwater Studio
Oct 7 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania – Club Cafe
Oct 9 Fairfield Connecticut – Stage One
Oct 10 San Diego California – San Diego Public Library 1 year celebration under the dome
Oct 12 – Cambridge Massachusetts – Club Passim
Oct 15 Asbury Park New Jersey – The Saint
Oct 18 Ardmore Pennsylvania – Ardmore Music Hall
Oct 21 Vienna Virginia -Jammin Java
Oct 23 Charlottesville Virginia-
Southern Cafe and Music Hall
Oct 24 Ashland Virginia – Ashland Coffee and Tea
Oct 29 Nashville Tennessee – 3rd and Lindsley
Nov 1 Saint Augustine Florida – Cafe 11
Nov 2 Saint Petersburg Florida – The Hideaway Cafe
Nov 7 Palm Springs California -Palm Springs Art Museum
Nov 14 Berkeley California- Freight and Salvage

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Next stop — St John’s Newfoundland


Hey cobbers! Tomorrow night I play a show in St John’s Newfoundland at The Ship Inn 265 Duckworth Street. Hosanna Heysanna Sanna Sanna Ho
Sanna Hey Sanna Ho Sanna
Hey J C, J C you’re alright by me
Sanna Ho Sanna Hey Superstar

So long Philadelphia. Your festival was epic a rooni.

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That was fun

I just played The Philadelphia Folk Festival. Now I can cross that off my bucket list. Wow, that was fun! Great crowd cool sound big balls. Yowza! Photo by J Joan Kornblith

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Hello Philly! Thanks Lyons.

Wow. I was in San Diego a couple days ago. But last night I was in Lyons Colorado. I played Folks Festival and right when I started my main stage set it started raining and hailing. Amazing. People were running for cover like I was Godzilla from way up high. Finally after a torrential downpour of about 25 minutes the rain and hail just stopped. People started coming back to their tarps with the weary walk of trepidation. I had to lure them back with semi-sweet songs and let them know it was going to be ok. It all worked out in the end but for the first half hour I was struggling up there on that big old stage watching the heavens open up.

Now? Right now? I’m in Philadelphia! Just landed. Had to wake at 6am and hit the ground running to make it to the airport. So- hello Philadelphia Folk Festival! I play tonight at 11:30pm. Yippee! Have a sweet ish day.

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Folks Festival

I’m in Colorado. Hopped on a plane and voila- here I am. I play in Lyons Colorado at Folks Festival today at 2:15pm. Blast off! This is going to be fun but then again when isn’t it? I’ll be gone by Sunday which is a drag because Randy Newman plays that night and I love him. But- tonight Ani DiFranco plays and I love her too so it’s all good. Saturday night I play Philadelphia Folk Festival.
But today – I’m here.

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Robin Williams

Robin Williams.
I landed in San Diego last night at 8pm and turned on my phone and it immediately started blowing up with New York Times and CNN and NPR updates. It didn’t make sense to me and I felt like I got punched in the gut. I grew up on comedy and especially Robin Williams. His mind was so fast I’d sometimes have to listen to his sentences a few times in a row to grasp everything he was saying. I was a huge fan of Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams seemed like he was his son. He was so adept at putting things into perspective but there was always a bit of sadness to him. You can see it in the photos online.
So thank you Robin for your brilliant wit and for making me feel like I knew you. I know we would’ve been friends and I think that’s what made you so loved. Everyone felt like they would’ve been your friend. It sounds silly but I wish I could hug you. I wish I could’ve had a cup of tea with you and talked about The World According Garp. Ya see, I was a wrestler in high school and that’s part of the reason I love John Irving so much and you my friend were perfect for the role of TS Garp. Thanks for being my secret friend. In my mind we were buddies and I would call you when I had long drives. I loved you and I never even got to shake your hand. Rest in peace. Bless your heart.

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Where I’m headed

The Canada sky was so nice today. I played a lovely set at Live From The Rock Folk Festival in Red Rock Ontario. So far away that I still need to drive a couple hours just to get to Thunder Bay. Tomorrow I’ll fly from there to Toronto and then connect to sweet San Diego by tomorrow eve. Thursday I fly to Denver for a Friday Aug 15th show at 2:15 at Folks Festival in Lyons Colorado at Planet Bluegrass. My show is at 2:15 on the main stage so don’t be late. They start letting people in at 11am. I’ll also be playing at The Wildflower Pavilion at 5pm the same day.

Then on Saturday Aug 16th I play The Philadelphia Folk Festival on the main stage at 11:30 pm. It’ll be fun to go on so late in the evening!
The very next day Sunday Aug 17 I play a workshop set with other artists on The Craft Stage at 2:30pm.

A couple days later on Tuesday Aug 19th I’ll be playing in St John’s Newfoundland at The The Ship Inn.

Aug 20 I’m in Port Rexton Newfoundland at Two Whales Coffee Shop

Aug 21 I’m in Lewisporte Newfoundland at The Citadel House.

Aug 22-24 I’m playing The Gathering Festival in Burlington Newfoundland

Aug 26 I’m at The Trailside Inn – Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island

August 27 I play The Marigold Theater in Truro Nova Scotia

Aug 28 I play Halifax Urban Folk Festival at The Carleton in Halifax Nova Scotia

Aug 29 I play Norwalk Connecticut with Toad The Wet Sprocket

Aug 30 and 31 I play The Fayetteville Roots Festival in Fayetteville Arkansas

That’s the rest of my August. In September I’ll be in The Pacific Northwest.
All tour dates here
Have a good week! Try the buffet. Peace be with you.

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Zombies and stuff

Nipigon Ontario Canada. Many a cold winter has passed through this town. Today it’s summer and this old building gets a respite from the cold winds that blow through. Inside this structure they’re probably building a meth lab but it sure looks quaint from outside in a sort of foreboding cutesy tutesy kind of way. For all I know there’s probably bodies hanging from the rafters and zombies aimlessly wandering around waiting for nightfall. I’m going to stay outside where I least have a fighting chance. Perhaps I’ll hop the freight train that seems to rumble by like clockwork every 3 hours. I’ll sing a hobo’s lullaby and eat some beans from a can unless someone has a coupon for Tim Horton’s. Either way, I’ll be safe from the zombie apocalypse and wired on chemical laden coffee and donuts. Things are looking up and down.

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Tony Gwynn

When I get home this week I’ll do a proper recording of this song in a gussied up recording studio!

Read here

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So hum

My toes are snails and the moon is a picket fence and pop tarts are a myth. Everything I’ve been taught has all been for naught. Gordon Gekko was a lizard but never got to be in Geico commercials because his lips were too fat. I was a child in the sixties and my parents took me to transcendental meditation classes and I was given my own personal mantra. I was told to never tell anyone my mantra but here goes: my mantra is (—-). *If you’d like to know more about this mantra, please send 1,000 dollars to the mantra foundation of Nicaragua located on 23 Cyprus Ave in Managua. Your mantra will be emailed to you within 48 hours. Please remember that not all mantras come with a money back guarantee and we recommend getting mantra insurance which we also happen to sell and if you’d like we can build it into your price for insurance and billing purposes. We accept most major credit cards AND Blue Cross insurance.

Speaking of purposes I hope you find your purpose on this lovely Sunday.
Close your eyes and relax and let the river take you away. If you don’t see a river then visualize one inside yer noggin. But please go pee first because you’ll get restless and the visualization of water will make your pee instincts kick in. Ok good! Now let the water in your head float and say Soham. It means- I am that. In case you’re vegan or kosher and don’t like the word ham just remember that it is actually pronounced- So-Hum.

Now when you’re using this mantra your mind may travel to thoughts of baseball or boobs or other things (these are only examples) so allow those thoughts to leave and enter at their own pace. Just enjoy yourselves for 30 minutes and just beeeeee. Buzzzzzzzzzz. So Hum So Hum So Hummmm. Soham Soham. Have a nice day. You are love. You are only love.

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