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  1. Gloria says:

    It was great fun last evening at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix and it was my pleasure to experience your music for the first time. And, of course, it was great to meet and talk with you. Hope to catch another of your shows soon. (I’m the one with Mike Roth!) G

  2. Fraces and Mike Wilson says:

    Hi Steve, saw you for the first time last night in Telford’s in Chester, England. Isn’t it great when someone billed as the support act blows you away. Saw you after the show, really friendly, crazy guy. Please come back to Chester sometime, we’ll give you some more sticky toffee pudding! Thank you for a great evening.
    Frances and Mike
    ps Glen T was good too……….thank you Glen Tilbrook

  3. Gary Hughes says:

    Steve : It was great seeing you at The Connecticutt Yankee. Flann and The Lunatic Fringe were great that night and you were missed the next night in Napa. Bob Weir jumped in for 4 songs with the group and that excited everyone. Nice man. I hope to catch you in Arizona during spring training. I’ll miss you at The Crepe Place because of meetings in Ft. Myers. New gig with the Red Sox. Be well. Get over the flu. You never cancel. Your Friend Gary Say hi to Chris

  4. katie from Oz.. says:

    I bought your new Album in Tombstone last night AND that grouse artposter…I am so fortunate to know you Steve and Chris..when I see you I feel happy…thanks for all the great music…definately the best so far man….and well worth the NoineenNoinyNoinYears it took to happen! xxxo

  5. Barry Clayton says:

    Hmmmm no tour venue in North West of England in October grrrrr, also where is the Noineen noiny noin t-shirts 🙁

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