Killin’ Myelf (To Be With You)

From Steve Poltz’ Music Fog showcase at Threadgill’s during SXSW 2010. (3/19/2010)

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  1. Heather says:

    Hey there weird-boy! I am sooooo happy to hear that you will be back at Mississippi Studios to-MORROW night!!! I used to be the bar manager/General Dogsbody at Mississippi Studios back before the remodel, and adored you and your perception of the world and life-in-general whenever you deigned to stop-on-by. I still work for MS, but in a much smaller capacity, (as their Private Events Coordinator for weddings and birthdays etc.) and was working for The Woods for a while until they very sadly ‘went away’ :’-( . People know I am a big fan, so I have two deeelicious copies of ‘live’ Poltz shows that people at the venues made for me because they knew it would mean a lot to me. ..and it does.
    Looking forward to seeing you and hearing you again at Mississippi Studios,
    mucho huggo,

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