Dreamhouse (2010)

1. Dreamhouse
2. Digging For Icicles
3. I Love What You’ve Done With This Place
4. Killin’ Myself (To Be With You)
5. License Plate Eyes
6. A Song For Kosovo
7. Dreams #23
8. A Dog in Bosnia
9. Wish The Wind
10. Medicine
11. The Way We Were – Steve Poltz, Bergman, Alan

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2 Responses to Dreamhouse (2010)

  1. John says:

    Looking forward to catching Steve on the current tour.

  2. Connor Milligan says:

    Really enjoying this album. Been listening to it al day in my van, bought it last night at the Aberdeen gig.

    (we were the ones right at the front)

    Fantastic guy. Great music and very friendly!

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