My Old Friend the Blues
House Concert, Virginia

Friend of the Devil with Tim Bluhm
high sierra songwriting workshop
Yosemite, CA

Wichita Lineman
Moonshine Cafe, Oakville, Ontario, Canada;
August 21, 2008

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  1. Eddie Hibbs says:

    hey man its good to see you’ve got a bunch O tour dates this yr and you’re goin to be at 3rd n Lindsley in march here in TN. i havn’t seen you since chattanooga when you did the scissor song …and I can’t wait to see you when you come here in March. I’m livin in the m0st beautiful place ….on clear creek in Clarkrange. The hwy 127 is going to be built right thru our yard (soon someday) the new governor says. I got married last August at the beach on Clear Creek on the property, you can see the video on youtube search elroncrusher. I made vids of the place so that we can remember what its like before they put a road thru and mess it up. i still listen to your music and still get asked who it is, Im glad too see your doing good man , maybe when your here in Tn you can hang out here and see, thanks for all the goodfeelings I get from listening to your songs man!!
    peace, Eddie

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