Answering Machine (1999)

56 Songs Recorded on a Sony Walkman!
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Track listing: 1. Ken Follet Stole My Wallet 2. Earwigs In My Ear 3. She Was The Best 4. Happy Bitter Valentine’s Day 5. No Dog Food 4 U (with apologies to Country Dick Montana) 6. Kill Your Neighbors 7. Perfumed Letters From Death Row 8. The Microphone Is Broken 9. Things I Have To Do Today 10. No Fear 11. The Boy With The Wasp On His Head 12. God Bless 13. Geetar Plucking 14. Shopping For A Hangover 15. A Slow One 16. Gonna Eat 17. Steve Ain’t Home But He Ain’t Alone (Mojo Nixon guest vocal & guitar) 18. If You’re Sick (Stuffed Nose, Farmer’s Hanky) 19. Shiny Stars 20. Shoe Shopping With Me 21. When You’re Moving Up 22. Hippie! 23. Yo, What’s Up? 24. Aluminum Tube (American Airlines) 25. Happy Halloween 26. You’re Never Gonna Get My Chili Dog 27. Thanksgiving 28. Freebasin’ Celery (Safe Sex Tonight) 29. Cough Syrup 30. I Love You So Much It Hurts Me Inside 31. Run You Over (Christmas Present) 32. Sugar Boogars 33. Just Call Me Up (For Julie Daley) 34. Gonna See A Heart Specialist 35. They Want My Barbeque 36. Tortured Artist 37. The Prophet Kahill 38. The Hargrove Situation (Win Win) 39. Girl Of My Dreams 40. Skiing Accident (Tuning Problems) 41. Sad Sad Sad Sad Situation 42. The Dog Doo Blues (Take #48) 43. I’ll Supply The Love, You Supply The Gangrene 44. Valentine’s Day Sheep (Still Bitter One Year Later) 45. Where’s The Beaver? 46. A Pretty Interlude To A Circus 47. Gone To Piss 48. You Bastard 49. Super Taco Dilemma 50. Trouble In Toronto 51. I Play Jazz 52. Stuck Here In Chicago 53. Me Not Got No Slow Metabolism 54. Flowers Are So Pretty 55. Dahmer’s Song 56. You’re So Sweet.