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  1. Candice Gregory says:

    your performance last night at soho was brilliant….. engaging, funny, tender, creative… so captivating…. thank you! and thank you for all of your tremendous support to meghan…
    i admire you not only as an artist, but also as a generous and kind mentor.
    maybe meg and you could record a song together someday…. the combination of your voices in “forever young” was chillingly beautiful.
    safe travels and happy trails…..

  2. Melissa says:

    Last night in seattle you were honestly so good. I love your music and love the way you perform. You had me laughing and smiling the whole time you were up there and you seem like such a good person. You’re so talented. What’s the name of the song where you were talking about the bop and you said “I’m in it for the long haul..” ? I loved it and can’t find it. Thanks!

    • Thanks Melissa! The song is called Long Haul. It’s not recorded anywhere yet except some live stuff. It’s new.
      I think you can find it at
      Look for the show on feb 19 at the Belly Up. It was recorded that night.

  3. Brian Victor says:

    Hey Steve,
    Awesome show in Margretsville last night. Laughed alot!!! You are amazing on the guitar. All the best to you and Chris on your travells,,,,let the road take you were it may, and may it never take you away. Safe journey!!! Vinny says Hello!!!

  4. Brian Victor says:

    After watching you, me and vinny went home and smashed ours,,,,,lol

  5. Michael Cabaluna says:

    My wife and I caught your set in Seaside, last Friday night and loved it. So much variety! My favorite was the song with the baseball announcer references. We’re SF Giants fans, so we’re fortunate to hear Jon Miller on a regular basis. And then when you had the Joe Carter home run call, we both thought-my god, he gets to re-live that moment every time he does that song! That is so awesome.

    One last thing- when you began the home run call, I leaned over to my wife to whisper one of our in-jokes “looks like he’s got himself a gimmick”, which we’ve been tossing around for years since we heard Matt the Electrician say it during a show- and then a few songs later, you bring up Matt! Pretty great evening, we’re glad we saw you

  6. Barbara Kern says:

    Lestat’s was wonderful last night! Our friends had never seen you perform and they had the absolute best time!

    Welcome home to San Diego!

  7. Alison Harnin says:

    Hi Steve- saw you in York last night at the Duchess with the ‘Great Bearded Ones’. You really were amazing!(and so were they of course!) Am ashamed to say I’d never heard your music before last night but loved it- specially the one about the windows. Bought the memory stick thingy so will be able to listen more. Lovely to meet you last night and be the lady you sang to! Enjoy the rest of the tour and have a lovely Christmas back home Love Alison xxxx

  8. Danny Sprouse says:

    Saw your show in Athens, TX last night (3/23/12). As usual, it was a great performance! I really enjoyed and I was able to bring a couple of friends with me and I was able to introduce them to the music of Steve Poltz. Just as a reminder, I’m the guy with the Shubb Capo.
    Anyway, I bought your live performance on the flash drive last night. Song #26, Long Haul is being identified as a corrupted file. I can’t get it to play, can’t get it to go into either itunes or my windows media player. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get this to work? As I recall from last night, this is a song about your Mom, a bee sting, hospital visits, and a dog you grew up with. So I like the song a lot and I am disappointed that I can’t get it to play for me.

  9. terry hattam says:

    Hi Steve,
    was at your show at the basement Sydney a few weeks ago. Am trying to get you new cd but no one seems to have it. I know should have bought it on the night but with a few friends who you kept up too late. Also would love to get a recording of the show. Please point me in the right direction if this is possible.
    By the way, loved the show.
    Keep rocking,

  10. Mike Mulherin says:

    We caught your show inWolfville last night, rather I should say
    your show caught us. My three boys, Linus (10), Alden (8)
    and Henry (6) got tickets as an end-of-summer surprise (’cause
    life doesn’t hand out enough surprises anymore). You had them from
    your canter onstage and kept them until at least this morning, when I
    woke to the sound of Alden’s sweet little voice singing “Hey Cat”.
    They were very concerned you mightn’t sing “Sewing Machine”, that
    favorite of kids everywhere, and Alden now figures he’s ‘second star’
    of last nights show for his request and subsequent shout-outs. He’s
    waiting for his next chance to see you (I’d think you would have more
    Grateful Dead-esque tour junkies, but I guess with the
    smaller venues that would just get creepy pretty soon) and has declared
    August 30th “National Noineen Noiny Noin Day”. Hats off to you!
    He also excused the occasional verbal maturity by saying “Mom says
    it all the time”. The Pope couldn’t absolve you more completely.

    The concert, quite simply, sparkled. I was searching for the just-right
    word to qualify your performance to the boys and it was “generosity”
    (you might say “love”, but I guess they’re the same in most ways).
    I can’t figure how you can give so much every night and not just shrink
    away, your Higgs-Boson particles spinning off to find new partners and
    entanglements in this big ol’ dirty world (with apologies to John Prine).
    Bottle whatever let’s you do what you do and watch your “Merch” sales
    “Go Apple”. Your comments about alcohol were also much appreciated.
    I’ll use you (permission granted?) as a role model for the boys in our
    future dance around substance use. I can here it now : if Steve Poltz can
    do all that unaltered, well, so can you.
    Gotta go; oatmeal needs stirring and I’m a devil on the spurtle,
    Don’t forget to post the “Case of You” cover…nice…

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