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53 Responses to Booking & Contact

  1. Esson Alumbugu says:

    Hi Steve, i met u 2 years ago when u did d song ‘Nigeria’ on VOA. It was a lonely nyt wyl Serving in a remote area. I was lyk ‘here’s a guy serenading my home from afar, wyl we destroy it here!’ It meant alot. Wld love a copy of yo songs. Luv u Steve!

  2. Brianfizzy says:

    Can you play a show in L.A. soon?

  3. David says:

    Thanks for accepting our Crazy Water Festival gig. Your going to make the event, we are honored to have you play!

  4. Brayden says:

    I’ve been trying to contact you, the animated film clip to ‘Sewing Machine’ is finished. I need an address to send a dvd to.

  5. mike adams says:

    Hey Rogge

    Trying to get tixs to Steve’s show on the 15 of Oct in Palm Springs We cannot get a hold of the contact. Any help would be appreciated.


  6. Scott says:

    Hosted the Crazy Festival back home in Mineral Wells last weekend and Steve, you are the consummate professional! My wife and I both really enjoyed hearing you both days. Hope to see you again soon….U Rawk!

  7. monica says:

    would like to know when Steve will be back in San Diego County (USA) …. Thank you

  8. Ellie says:

    Hey Steve, just had a listen to your CD and loved it. I reckon you should come to Orkney (Scotland) and play a few shows in the folk festival. You would fit right in up here!


  9. Brock Halter says:

    Good morning Mr. Poltz,

    I have always enjoyed listening to you on DSC. Today as always, you showed a side of the passion that you have in your heart & soul for others. I have attached a letter that I wrote to my Grandfather Louis Vaughn (He will be a solid 92 in August) the night I came home from watching “Saving Private Ryan” in 1998. The words came off my fingers in less than 3 minutes onto the computer screen. I have since passed this out to each and every Veteran I have met since. Not for me, but for them. To let them know how thankful I am for what they have done. Would you do me the honor and pass this on to Mr. Nick Kimmel and any other Veterans you may know. Have a great day and thank you for your passion for have for our Veterans.

    Good morning Mr. Poltz,

    I have always enjoyed listening to you on DSC. Today as always, you showed a side of the passion that you have in your heart & soul for others. I have attached a letter that I wrote to my Grandfather Louis Vaughn (He will be a solid 92 in August) the night I came home from watching “Saving Private Ryan” in 1998. The words came off my fingers in less than 3 minutes onto the computer screen. I have since passed this out to each and every Veteran I have met since. Not for me, but for them. To let them know how thankful I am for what they have done. Would you do me the honor and pass this on to Mr. Nick Kimmel and any other Veterans you may know. Have a great day and thank you for your passion for have for our Veterans.

    Dear Veteran, Soldier, Hero:

    I was born long after the many people who died giving their lives to protect the place we call HOME. I have never known what it might take to go and give your life to protect the RED, WHITE & BLUE of AMERICA.
    I feel fortunate, that I have not had to fill those shoes. Yet at times, I feel that myself, as well as many others take for granted what thousands of Americans did to make America what it is today. Only people who have been there know what it is like to reach down and fight for each and every breath, then reach a little more. You were trained to give it 1000% every time. The word RESPECT was used hand in hand with HONOR and AMERICA.
    The older I get, the more experience and wisdom I earn. The more I mature, the more I realize what thousands have done for me, so that I, along with millions of others can feel safe and smile everyday because we live in AMERICA.
    You are the reason I am here. The part of my heart that you fill is larger than you could ever dream. This letter is to tell you how grateful I am. Only the words of THANKS, RESPECT, HONOR AND LOVE can describe what you have done for me, and so many others. You mean the world to me, but what you and thousands of veterans have done for all of us Americans, I say “THANK YOU”.


    Brock Thomas Halter
    Mesa, Arizona

  10. Kyle Hendrix says:

    my email would send so here’s to steve:

    hey Steve me and my family and my dad’s friends are gonna see you in a few hours at the ark in Ann Arbor, we’re so excited…we saw you a while back,little more than a year, back then i was gonna turn 13 a week after that. now as a 14 year old boy we are coming again, i’m the kid who made the sugar boogers video for you. my dad might have sent it to you again,not sure, but anyway i’m really excited to talk to you again.

    and P.S.i have my steve poltz shirt with the puzzle piece jumping from the puzzle and my sweet blues brothers hat.

    P.P.S.”U F’N ROCK”
    -Steve Poltz

  11. Brad says:

    Dear Steve,

    Looking forward to your Thursday 06/21 show at the Fine Line in Minneapolis! This will be my 4th or 5th concert of yours.

    Wondering if you can do me a favor and perform “Everything About You” as a dedication to my wife Jaime. It will be our 11 year anniversary Saturday, and we danced to your song at our wedding (one of our first dates was seeing you and Rusted Root open for Jewel). Thank you!

  12. Melissa Petta says:

    Come to Boston or South of Boston! I would love you hear you play in person 🙂 I love your sexy voice especially when you sing Everything About You.

  13. Mike says:

    I really enjoyed your performance in Poway last night. I’m the guy in the wheelchair, who saw you before and after the show. I think I was the only one there who didn’t know who you were, and asked what band you were in. After the show I wanted to apologize, but couldn’t get the words out. Maybe it was for the best – like the joke about landing on the sun at night, my not knowing initially who you were might have made approach more natural. Thanks for your good-natured response, and for a great show.


  14. Matt says:


    I’ve been meaning to contact you for a while now but life gets in the way!

    This is Matty – we met at the horseshoe shows when you opened for and played with JP on those first two nights in his five night run in December.

    I just wanted to say that I found you to be an incredibly inspirational artist and that after working in the music industry, and writing within that platform for so long, guys like you and Joel are rare gemstones in fields of wheat.

    Your honesty on stage and during your performances was captivating. I loved the part when you said ‘I’m 8 years sober because basically, I’m a total fuck up’. I felt blessed to get to know you and to film you a bit.

    If you ever have need for some free filming at a show, or to make a video, I’d love to collaborate with you.

    I mean it.

    Get in touch with me, dude.

    Talk soon, pal

    King of the whisper rock

  15. Sandra says:

    Great to see a fellow Canadian at the screening of Running Wild. Thank God there was 3 of us there in case the crowd turned on us! Safety in numbers Eh? Sorry to miss your post screening live set. Great job on the soundtrack, truly inspirational and a great film. We were so inspired by the film that our dinner choice of red was an Argentinian Malbec with a Bucking Bronco on the label.
    Dayton is the Man!
    Looking forward to seeing you in July
    Sandra and Bob

  16. Van says:

    Hi Steve,

    are you gonna come back through the South anytime soon?

    I always enjoy your shows and your songs.



  17. g gary garrett says:

    hi friend where is the hot in cleveland song?

  18. Jim says:

    Hi Steve, Long time fan of you and Jewel. Get ahold of that girl and tell her not to divorce Ty. They both profess to have their son’s best interest at heart. The best thing for Kase is to have one Father and one Mother. No matter how hard they try the future is not good for Kase when his parent’s each have a new spouse. Makes me so sad.


  19. Sandra Odom says:

    Last night’s show was PERFECT, Mr. Steve! Next time we’ll have an even better turn out cuz now Shreveport has officially been “Poltzed”. It’ll never be the same. Thank you!

  20. ratablog says:

    would like to know when Steve will be back in San Diego County
    Thank you

  21. Dana Dye says:

    Dear Steve Poltz:
    Bon Jour? Hello, is there anybody in there? (Pink Floyd); Nobody’s Home? (Kansas)
    After I’ve sent The 2nd Message, I still have no Clue about you, to This Day. Second Strike, I didn’t throw you a ‘Spike_Curve’ to unnerve! You have One more Chance to gently rectify and recreate a Balance. Please don’t ‘Foul Up’! Meditate on and Mediate my Message to Jewel. She might call you a fool for her not being able to see this and prepare. ‘Not So Foolish Games Part Deux’ is ready to share. Take A Look at The Soul of The Book!
    Sea for yourself, Sail Away, We need Sailing Men Today, Remember? Steve, submit a Friend ReQuest for Facebook, Dana Dye, The Lady from Liberty, “WriDTing’ The Double RainBow (in the Sky) over Florida & America. Pray about it. If you’re on The Right Track, SomeOne always has your Back, no matter what happens. Don’t fear in this Life —- find your Purpose and follow through ~~~~ some never Do. Sometimes Thou, before we go, we can, put on quite A Show and Throw So much Good, Thee Way we should! Start, have A Heart, Be A=Part. i.e. (Poem)’Let’s Colour The World with Love’ c.2000
    Steve, pay attention, I Hope to have heard A Good Word from you soon, S’il Vous Plait
    MaDemoiselle D’Arch Blue Rose^
    p.s. Remember this Song from way back when? Again> “Clowns to The Left of me Jokers to The Right, Here I Am . . . . . .

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  23. funisnumberone says:


    Your website says the start time for your Annual Birthday Bash at the Belly Up is 9:45.

    This can’t be correct, is it?


    Steve Also

  24. Looking for when is passover this year?

  25. Stu says:

    Just wanted to say..AGAIN. I loved your gig at the National Folk Festival. You’re a special human being. Thanks for giving so much.
    Save the world!

  26. Dirk Oborne says:


  27. Myra Furne says:

    Hi. I am a new Biomedical Equipment Technician and was hoping to better be set up for my job at Citigroup Inc. This is exactly why I came to your blog page. Being brought up in Gunter Afs and attending to class at Long Island University–Riverhead in Magnolia, has helped me to plan for my destiny. My mom and dad were also mentors and they informed me about this piece soon after reading Mr Archimedes Bath. Be grateful to you

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  29. sherry vanderpool says:

    Hi Steve,
    Would love info on booking a show with you. Trinidad (CA) loves you and I’m pretty sure we could get a good crowd, if you’d want to add a show next time you’re up in our neck of the woods.
    Sherry & Chuck Vanderpool



  32. 룸싸롱 says:

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  35. Drew Carter says:

    Steve Poltz played one of the most memorable concerts I’ve ever seen, this year at Hillside Music Festival in Guelph, Ontario Canada. As per usual Steve had the audience eating out of his hand, but this one was “special”!

    There are now many thousands more Poltz mania fans, than there were last week.

    Steve wowed, charmed, serenaded a sun baked audience, shared his Iphone, told touching stories about His “chip implant” for songwriting! The audience was so impressed that they carried Steve around on their shoulders for a while.

    Steve made Americans, and Canadians proud that “Steve is our boy”!

    I don’t have video, but I do have high quality digital audio, which I hope to put on Youtube after I decompress from Steve’s show.

    Welcome back to Canada Steve, We Miss YOU!

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  37. Aubrey Stewart says:

    Hi Steve ! Everyone really enjoyed you , here in Miramichi . I’m the guy who helped you out to be set up on stage and packed you`re stuff into you`re case . I also was acoustic lead /rythem player for Steve Heckbert`s ” Shadbangers ” . Really hope to see you back here , again. Cheers , Brother !

  38. christine welldon says:

    At the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Fest, August 2016, (yes, this weekend) you recommended a waterfront restaurant in a song you composed on the spot. Well, I went there that same day and was sitting inside waiting for my pizza, when a wasp stung me on the wrist. Then the pizzas arrived. I told my friend, and she said, “do you need an ambulance? what kind of pizza did you get?”
    I went up to the counter and told them a wasp just stung me in their restaurant. They kinda looked at me, too bad, but then got me some ice in a baggie. I sat with the ice over my left wrist that was now swelling and sore, and ate my pizza with the other hand. thinking if i was going to go into anaphylactic shock, i might as well not be hungry when it happened. Thanks for recommending the restaurant. It was a lot of fun. P.S. They didn’t comp my meal, either.

  39. Rod Rus says:

    Steve , I just took in the Red Rock Folk Fest for the first time , why the first time he asks , I only live an hours drive away ? I just have never had all the stars line up before , anyways was a great event in a great location , your performance was great …exceptional , “the best” I was quoted as saying . Hey , even had my chum laughing and he drank 10 to 12 beers the first two days , his demeanor was blue til you came on . Then , he had another beer , it was day 3 .
    Anyways , just wanted to thank you …I watched all your youtube Video’s , I liked the Dan Space Van best , was the loosest , less staged and definitely similar to your recent demeanor and presence onstage .
    So…then I checked your tour schedule just in case you were still around here and maybe going East(its Thursday the 11th) , was wondering if you wanted to jump aboard for a 2 day journey through the nicest part of Ontario , perhaps the nicest Highway 17 section this side of Rockies , Thunder Bay to SaultSte Marie , I travel it often , girlfriend lives at Sault end , do it in a Travel Van and A-frame trailer , have guitar , harmonica’s , Lake Superior all the way , lots to see , plenty to talk about , my Sis in Cali. , Bro in Oregon , Mom in Ariz.
    But when I saw your schedule , playing tomorrow back in California …Wow , made me think …yes Steve you are working too much…what was the word you used in that radio interview again ? Something …perpetual movementish , yup !

  40. Teri Pereira says:

    Hi Steve. We are in California for the first time ever and didn’t see where you were playing here. We saw you play at a house party in Ajax Ontario a few years ago. I am from Truro N.S. so I relate to your lyrics and your CD was played over and over at our trailer in Wilberforce Ontario after we saw you and met you in Ajax. Would you play another house party when you come to Ontario in October?

  41. I always want to take the tour so long, will come directly to the audience

  42. Rena Mulvey says:


    Hi Steve. Looking forward to your set in Del Mar on Friday. Please include Waterfalls in your set if you can. Your version of that song is incredible!!! It’s My favorite song that you do and my daughter loves it and has for years.

  43. Hello… According me, your site is very amazing, you help other people now in the world

  44. John Mitchell says:

    Hello Steve:

    I didn’t know you existed until February 2016 when I saw you in Natick, Massachusetts with Grant Lee Phillips. My wife and I saw you again at the end of July when you played Club Passim in Cambridge. Bottom line, I am a Steve Poltz fan for life, and you are a terrific singer/songwriter. I asked you to play Mother Russia and Slovenia Breeze in Cambridge and you played them both…thank you. Any chance you are coming back to Massachusetts in 2017? You have a big following here, so I hope when you do that you book multiple dates. All the best…

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