Coverage of ‘Traveling’


“Poltz sings songs with a satirical double-edge that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. He may have written for Jewel, but his own art reveals a far more individual vision,” —LOS ANGELES TIMES

“I proceeded to be blown away by the depth and excellence of his tunes; his sharp, witty lyrics; his voice—which alternately reminded me of Jeff Tweedy and David Lowery; and his hysterical storytelling and rants.” —SEATTLE WEEKLY

“rocking and well conceived…his softly nasal vocals and rich guitar work make the album a complete and satisfying listen.” —TIME OUT NEW YORK

“not-quite-grown-up folk-pop: slightly ragged around the edges, clever without sacrificing its emotional core for a punch line, and ridiculously catchy. In other words, highly recommended.” —PORTLAND TRIBUNE

“This disc presents a fascinating artist; one that most of us would love to travel with and get to know better.” –PopMatters

“…inspired and winning…” – Honest Tune Magazine

“We can always count on Steverino to not only leave our sides hurting from laughter, but also touch the hearts of our listeners with some of the finest songwriting skills on the planet. This latest release might just be his best to date.” -Mike Marrone, XM Radio

“Great new album from Steve! It’s a cool combination of Steve’s great lyrics, songs and delivery, and the subtle to screaming sonics of Billy Harvey’s production. Whether autobiographical, fictional or topical, Steve Poltz can tell a life story in three minutes! Want proof? Listen to ‘Street Fighter’s Face'” – Duncan Hudson, KXCI

“Steve Poltz is simultaneously amusing and eloquent on his new album “Traveling,” a mighty fine album I highly recommend!” – Wildman Steve, WQNR The Rock

“Its nice to have a disc like Steve’s to throw in and balance out the serious and not so serious on the air. Not only that, Poltz should patent his ability to write clever humorous songs while staying away from the pitfalls of the dreaded novelty song.” Sam Ferrara, INDIE1015

“His new album Traveling is a super-smart power-pop gem, an album that should endear itself to all kinds of personalities, sane or insane.” —HOUSTON PRESS

“Poltz is the kind of songwriter and performer we need more of. “ —VINTAGE GUITAR

“Traveling is also arguably the most personal album he has ever done… showcases both the sensitivity and ferocity of his songwriting.” —SAN DIEGO CITYBEAT

“The recently released ‘Traveling’ offers smartly executed folk rock that sounds like Wilco produced by George Martin.” -CLEVELAND SCENE

“Poltz puts genuine heart into his work…’Traveling’ is worth the trip.” -Scripps-Howard News Service

“…clever, witty and incisive…” –Pioneer Press

“His new solo album, ‘Traveling,’ is impressive; not just for its wide and wry perspective but for how emotionally potent Poltz can be when untangling the pretzel logic of the human condition.” –Winston-Salem Journal

“…full of exuberant, life-affirming songs.” –Ventura County Star

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