4 Responses to Photos

  1. TORI says:

    I love the belt buckles. 🙂

  2. David Hymen says:

    Saw your 930 show @ Anthology. Great shoow!! After the show we shook hands and you said to me ” love your face” cracked me up. We should become friends, we have alot in common, our love of music,baseball, the Padres, and the DSC. Always great to hear you on the radio with Dave and the gang. Keep in touch!

  3. mike roth says:

    Hola from phx.Articulate Gloria & I apologize for blowing off albuquerque show.woulda missed giving joe ely ur msge @ gruene hall.says ur uglier & wants his $$$.Articulate does have nice skin.must be the se…nevermind.see ya safe my friend.grandma betty made us POTROAST.still in my head!!!

  4. Candace says:

    Hey from Lorna Doone’s sister loved the belly up show and the shout out!

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