A Note from Woz…

Thanks for the GREAT show last night. I was glad to have been of help to you. We are so thankful for the second set. What a myriad of entertainment memories. Your music is great but a Steve Poltz show is much more than that. Janet and I love entertainment of all kinds. We must go to 100 shows a year of magicians, musicians (mostly singer/songwriter), and comedians, in addition to movies and sports. We are so fortunate to like the same things in this regard. Your show was the most fun time we’ve had at such a show ever that I can remember. You ‘work’ to bring creative elements from a variety of sources into your show. Your guitar truly has a beautiful sound and you personalized so many songs and things and had everyone smiling and laughing and singing along. My joke about ‘helping’ you had to do with starting the company that makes your iPod and iPhone!
— chordially, Woz

Steve performs at Woz’s 60th Birthday Party

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  1. Nguyen Zen says:

    Thank the stars for Steve Poltz. All my life people who didn’t get me told me my songs are stupid, so I quit for a while. Started watching vids of Steve on Youtube and after a 15yr hiatus, I just picked it back up and started running with it. He reminds me of the thought processes involved in song writing and he makes me reminds me of who I am. Glad I’m not the only alien on the planet. I’m a UFO-unidentified fucked up oriental, and proud of it too. All I can say is”Thanks for being you, Steve!! I’d also like to thank his mom and dad for making him and any people that inspired him or had an influence on him in his life.” Used to think Jack Black was the bomb (but he’s kinda commercial), but my all around hero is Steve Poltz. Figures he comes from Canada, the best comedians come out of that country. Two folks I’d like to meet before I die: 1. Steve Poltz, 2. Bubbles from “Trailer Park Boys”. I’d give my right leg for the opportunity (I’d give my right arm but I need it to play guitar)!! Well tata for now, hope I get to see a Poltz show soon. Saw him once in Fallbrook when he played with Tim Flannery and was hooked. Steve I love your twisted mind:) oh yeah what is the name of that song Steve does has the lyrics,”these are some things you should know about me”? If anyone knows please tell me. Do you think he would mind if I covered some of his songs? Getting tired of doing John Prine songs though I still love him.

  2. Dana says:

    He won’t mind if you cover him, as long as you don’t suck. 🙂 Where are you Nguyen? Keep an eye on his tour schedule. Steve’s about the most approachable person on the planet, so next time you see him, make sure you introduce yourself

    I wonder if he’s doing his songwriting workshop this year?

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