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Are you artsy? You can make a 940 × 198 pixels banner for the top of the website and email it to Steve.

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Steve will send you a text message to remind you next time he’s playing in your area. To receive special announcements from Steve via text message, just text “POLTZ” to 90210. You’ll receive a message back within a few minutes telling you that you’ve signed up! (Standard Text Messaging Rates Apply.)

How else can you connect with Steve Poltz and other fans like you?
Come see a show! Sign up to get notices when Steve is in your town! Just text POLTZ to 90210.
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4 Responses to Fans

  1. Kate Stulberg says:

    Heard you today on Kcbx. I liked your voice and your singing. Please keep me posted.


  2. kyle hendrix says:

    hey big steve poltz fan but i haven’t emailed in a while goin’ to see him tonight at the ark 3/28/11 at 8 to see me doing SUGAR BOOGERS go on and search Soulrock 1969 Kyle Sings.mp4 I’M EATING SUGAR BOOGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dave Kirkpatrick says:

    Saw the show at MK, really impressed by a) your songs b) the outstanding guitar work
    and c) your nonchalance at knocking a chunk out of your guitar (ouch, I felt that). Oh and have a t-shirt too, nice!

  4. Rich says:

    Steve….saw you in Southampton last night. You are one cool customer!
    Your comment at the end of the show to the audience was so true (“20 minutes ago I felt like we were on a first date. Now i feel like I have you against the wall, tongue down your throat and finger up your ass”)
    You are a magical artist….keep up the good work!

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