Speech to text 

Sometimes I make up my own language and send it in a text to Billy Harvey and have him read it as if he’s a serious poet. Billy Harvey #gibberishpoetry #readingintongues #gibberish #speechtotext


Time travel

I remember when I was a kid and they sold candy cigarettes. They’d have powdered sugar dust on em so if you blew real hard while the fake cig was in yer mouth it’d look like you were smoking. Man, I used to love these things. I’d bring em into the movies and I saw a double feature of A Fistful Of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More. We lived in Hastings Ranch in Pasadena Ca. It was 1967 and I was 7 years old. A double feature! My folks would drop me off at the theater for the Saturday matinee special. I think it cost a dollar to get in. I’d pretend I was Clint Eastwood with my cigarette bubblegum and then during the intermission between the two films I’d go to the bathroom and be bummed because I didn’t look tough. My lips would just be stained red from the dye in the candy.

Anyways – I was just in a retro candy store in Nashville and I saw these things and they brought me back to 1967 and all these thoughts.

I overheard a mother say to her husband “these things should be outlawed. They make kids want to smoke.”

Then I remembered that that’s the same thing my mom used to say to my dad.

It’s weird how you can time travel within a period of 5 seconds.