Fillmore San Francisco! May 20. Saturday! 

Do you guys like San Francisco?
I was just wondering because I’ll be playing an extravaganza at The Fillmore on Saturday May 20.
It’s gonna be the most wonderful evening in the history of wonderful evenings.

Steep Ravine and The Dustbowl Revival are two thrilling acts that will also be playing. It’s The Dustbowl Revival’s album launch. We all have quite a long strange history together.

I ran a meth lab in the desert with most of the members of both of these bands. I met them through the manager of a Pizza Hut we all worked at in 29 Palms California. We were all hired to pose in a nude catalogue sponsored by The Naked Gardeners Association. Apparently everyone’s checks bounced and the rich Parisian who was supposedly footing the bill disappeared like Jimmy Hoffa.

So there we were-
Steep Ravine, Dustbowl Revival and lil ol me. Well, I had an old recipe for meth that my Great Grandma passed down to me. I taught the musicians how to cook and the next thing you know old Steve’s a millionaire. We snorted half of the profits and went mad as hatters.

I lost everything on a Y2K survival Ponzi scheme. The clock ticked midnight and nothing happened. Some wiley gangsters stole everything I had. I hired a good attorney but he was an attorney for dogs and the judge wouldn’t let him litigate.

So here I am. Back to square 1. It’s cool. I’m not bummed. I still have my guitar and my songs. And my friends. Oh yeah- I’m also an attorney for dogs. I learned it all in prison.

See ya May 20. The Fillmore. San Francisco. Shit’s gonna go off.