We 3 Steves

With Steven Soles and Steve Forbert right now. We 3 Steves.

I play with Steve Forbert tonight in Santa Ynez Ca at Tales From The Tavern at The Maverick Saloon.

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3 Responses to We 3 Steves

  1. Leela says:

    I saw your magic for the first time @ the Maverick tonight; you are a force of nature. OMFG. It was such a pleasure to watch your troubador show. You are f#$%ing hilarious and talented and soulful and awesome. I told you you were from another dimension. So glad you came to this one! “You freaking twats” and your old school rap to your homey Ron were priceless. What a unique, multifaceted performance. Thanks for sharing your amazingness, hope it always brings you just as much joy. Blessings 2u in your paradigm. Rock on mother folker. Peace out!

  2. Da Rev says:

    LOVED the new stuff. Thanks for coming to Reagan Country again.

  3. Dave says:

    Steve, you were hilarious, talented, ingenious, you brought tears of laughter to our eyes. I miss that kind of talent and fun as our generation watched in the 60’s and 70’s on television. You are one of a kind in today’s world. I can’t to wait to see you perform again, hurry back back to Central coast . I have to say your BOP was funny but that also happens to be where my wife and I work in the valley here, Bureau of Prisons Lompoc, funny funny man. Thank you P.S. You are sold out of cd/dvd of Tales from the Tavern, hurry please I would like to purchase.

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