Happy Thansgiving

Here’s a Thanksgiving song I made up a few years back. Someone made a funny picture video and put it up on You Tube. Warm regards to all the cool friends I’ve met around the world. Watch video here

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4 Responses to Happy Thansgiving

  1. Micah says:

    Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, Steve. I’m the guy who made this video. I’ve loved the song for years and am glad you liked the slideshow I made. (Though if you’d prefer that I take it down, I’d totally understand.) Best wishes to you and yours this weekend.

    (My Christmas wish: that you play Richmond, VA, sometime in the future. I haven’t seen you live since the time you came to Ashland Coffee & Tea a few years ago and I’ve been jonesin’ for another show.)

    • danielle says:

      hi micah! i think of that song every thanksgiving (well, since i got my hands on “traveling” and “unraveling” . . .). love your video!!

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