Next Stop- Mineral Wells, Tx

Played a a nice long couple of sets last night in Athens Texas at The Railway Cafe. I got fed like a king and those people sure bought a bunch of t-shirts.
All in all it was great night. Two people dressed up as zebras came to the show along with a spaceman and a walking head of lettuce. I did three backflips from the stage a shattered a mirror and walked under seven ladders. Most of the people in Athens wear togas and eat grapes. It’s really neat. Michael Lenz even bought one of my new t-shirts. Look at this Athensite-

Now I’m headed to Mineral Wells, Texas to drink some crazy water and sing songs to some more weirdos. I like weirdos. Mineral Wells is full of crazy weirdos and freaks. Last time I was there a spaceship landed and gave everyone free plastic keychains. I was like, “you guys came all the way down from another galaxy and all you give me is a keychain from a Pontiac dealer? Really? That’s the best you can do?”
Hopefully tonight they fly back down and give me a timeshare condo from the planet Zolar. I need to stop at this truck stop to go pee now. I gotta lotta miles to go before I sleep. Tonight Mineral Wells! Tomorrow night Fort Worth The Jefferson Freedom Cafe.
Wagons ho!

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2 Responses to Next Stop- Mineral Wells, Tx

  1. Frag says:

    Dude! They don’t make Pontiacs any more, you know. That keychain could be worth a million dollars some day! And if it’s from a dealership in another galaxy?…that’s your retirement fund, brah!

  2. Kim says:

    Life imitates art.

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