Cheers Tonight, and— A song for you

Howdy folks, New banner by Meg Carter.
Hope to see you tonight at Cheers. It’s my final show of 2011 and what a hectic old year it’s been. I made up a song for you guys this morning. I guess it’s a little bit Christmassy. Just a little bit. It’s called Happier Hour. Listen Here!
Here’s the words

Have a delicious evening,

Love, S

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6 Responses to Cheers Tonight, and— A song for you

  1. Tara says:

    crazy, dark and dirty you are… so much fun you are!!!

  2. Mike says:

    Wonderful, Steve. Sounds like you’re channeling the spirit of Country Dick Montana. I’m sure he’d approve. Hope to see you in Austin in March and back at SPACE in Evanston sometime in 2012. Cheers!

  3. Frag says:

    Haven’t even listened yet, & I already love it just from reading the lyrics.

  4. Louise Milligan says:

    I should have read the lyrics before I played it in front of the kids. Thanks Steve!

    Merry Christmas from bonnie Scotland.

  5. Crawfy Melville says:

    That is one crazy ass song Steve! I like the Jewel/ You Were Meant For Me references.
    Keep the tunes comin…love it!

    Cheers Crawfy 😉

  6. Impala Bruce says:

    Still laughing out loud!

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