New Video For License Plate Eyes (Be A Green Bean!)

My friend Jeff Wiant just shot and put together this video for License Plate Eyes! There’s footage of me with Joel Plaskett in the studio mixing and creating the song. I shot the recording studio footage with my mustache and my iPhone and Jeff and Gregory Page both shot the other 2 camera angles of me in blue cast.
Thanks Jeff for the fabulous editing job.
Thanks Joel for producing such a cool cd.
Thanks Gregory for the friendship.
Thanks Dana Cutler for always putting up my tour dates.
Thanks to Louis at Lestat’s for letting us shoot video there yesterday
Canadian dates are being added!
P.S. if you like the song then cool! Buy the record. It’s online. Then I’ll have gas money to come to your city.

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12 Responses to New Video For License Plate Eyes (Be A Green Bean!)

  1. jewels says:

    love it! even the stache!

  2. Joleen says:

    lovely! really LIKE that song..xo
    (I SO dig the big ‘stache!)

  3. ash says:

    an explanation to the killer a.d.d. case! good gawd steve, those mustache close ups are going to hurt your ma’s eyeballs. it’s something some of us are trying (rather unsuccessfully, thanks) to forget!

  4. Ciara says:

    I miss the mustache! Bring it back for Mustache March! 🙂

  5. mmhmm says:

    i’m obscenely in love with joel plaskett. he’s a you in the making – freakish skinnyness and all.
    you’re pretty ok to, i guess. 🙂
    ps – i’m on board with bringing the ‘stache back too.

  6. Jake says:

    So I’m listening to a podcast of Mountain Stage Music this morning and it gets to a very familiar voice that I cannot place. Then I here the voice mention The Rugburns and it all comes crashing back- The Belly Up, Gregory Page, SDSU, the Street Scene! It was great to hear you again. Glad you’re out playing music, recording, and telling great stories. As soon as I get home I’m buying your albums! Thanks for many years of great music!

  7. Sug says:

    You never come to Atlanta…you’ll go to obscure places like Truro, Nova Scotia, but not my hometown. 🙁
    Why [not] Georgia, why?

  8. Janice says:

    Bravo sir! and you even learned magic to make yourself disappear off the screen for a bit!

  9. GroovyD says:

    yeah i bought it so i expect to see you soon 😉

  10. GroovyD says:

    yeah i bought it so i expect to see you soon 😉
    no worries jake, you will just have to take a drive on down to macon sometime later this summer…

  11. s.w.a.c. says:

    Hey, I’m going to that Truro show! Don’t be dissin’ the Hubtown!

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