My top 10 

My top ten songs that influenced me when I was a zygote growing in my mama’s belly in 1959 until I popped out in Feb of 1960

1. Ray Charles – What’d I Say
2. Ricky Nelson – Never Be Anyone Else But You
3. Elvis Presley – A Big Hunk O Love
4. Coasters – Charlie Brown
5. Richie Valens – Donna
6. Bobby Darin – Mack The Knife
7. Santo And Johnny- Sleepwalk
8. Lavern Baker – I Cried A Tear
9. Jackie Wilson – That’s Why
10. Sarah Vaughn – Broken Hearted Melody

Honorable mention
Jan And Dean – Baby Talk
Kingston Trio – The Tijuana Jail

More Levi Felix

Rest In Peace Levi Felix. What a wonderful soul. You enriched my life. I keep thinking of you and I’ll send a shout out to you today at my show. I remember this moment as if it were just yesterday. You have the coolest family. You inspired people with your courage to fight cancer like such a graceful warrior. I’m lucky I got meet you. You remind me to enjoy every single moment. Time. Precious time. Friends, love, joy, laughter and peace. F#*k cancer! You will never be forgotten Levi. I honor your memory.

Had I never played High Sierra Music Festival I would’ve never met such a cool soul. I’m grateful for your time on this spinning globe. Blessed to have looked into your eyes so closely while our dear brother Vince Herman looked on with that Vince-like laugh.

Levi Felix. American hero.

Goodbye Chargers

That’d be so cool if the whole city of San Diego showed up and helped The Chargers move out. Kind of like parents who can’t wait for their kids to finally move out of the basement and get their own place. 
Then we wave goodbye and wish them well and immediately turn Qualcomm into the coolest place ever. 
Now bear with me —

We get the tax payers to fund a revamp and spend more than they would’ve for The Chargers. As a big F-U to The NFL. 
And then…. we turn it all into the biggest coolest arts complex ever. Best in the USA. 

Guitar and banjo and mandolin building classes. A beautiful woodworking area. Drums?? Yes! Those too. Beautiful drums. Bass guitars and microphone building classes. Amplifier building. Songwriting schools. Pianos galore! Everything you can think of surrounding music and arts. Acting classes, theater, set design, dance! And poster and graphic art design. 
An organic garden! 
Recording studios! Practice rooms. This whole place will be about music and also cooking and growing beautiful healthy food. 
Qualcomm is huge! It’ll be the most amazing transformation in the history of transformations. 
Screw the NFL. I’m so over them. 
We would inspire kids to play music and to build musical things! Punk, screamo, hip hop, classical, bluegrass, folk. Everything! 
We take all the money The Chargers and the NFL wanted from us and we even give more. Because we believe in our kids and adults and we believe music makes the world a better place. 
This will be the story of the decade. The day San Diego gave the middle finger to the NFL. 
Dream big or go home!

Levi Felix

To all my High Sierra Music Festival family and friends and everyone else.

We lost a great one last night.
Levi Felix succumbed to cancer.
In this photograph taken by Jay Blakesberg, Levi was standing and waving to me at The Big Meadow Stage. Everyone in that crowd was sending love to Levi.

My goes out to his Parents Bluma and Ed and of course to Levi’s beautiful bride Brooke.

Levi was one of the bravest people I’ve ever met. Such a great soul. That smile. You just had to look once and you’d instantly start grinning.

Hug the ones you love and send a prayer out to Levi Felix.
Steve Poltz

Clemson and God

Hey Dudes,

It’s me, God. You’re right- I am so obsessed with college football that yes, I picked Clemson this year. It’s not like I had ANYTHING else to do. I just kicked back and had a pizza delivered from my new pizza delivery app on my iPhone. Oh and shhhh! —they also deliver 6 packs of bud lite if you tip the delivery dude a fiver. (You didn’t hear that from me)
On a side note, I’m kinda bummed at you Clemson players for telling everyone I chose you. Now the cat is outta the proverbial bag. (and you know I loves me some proverbs) Clemson Football is all I think about! What’s Aleppo? Ummm go tigers? 

Yer pal,


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