Today I bet a man from London 100 quid that I could catch his dart toss in my teeth. It was close and I may have cut my tongue but dadgummit I won the wager. The only glitch is that I’m in Fayetteville Arkansas and the banks are all closed until Tuesday so I can’t exchange the money until Wednesday because I’m closed on Tuesdays. So I’ll gladly pay you Wednesday for a hamburger today. Normally I’d pay you Tuesday but you’re dealing with unusual circumstances.

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Fayetteville Arkansas

I’m headed to Fayetteville! See ya tonight

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Love at 86


Just finished visiting my Auntie Sylvia in Dartmouth. I love her! She’s living in a retirement home now. She’s my Ma’s older sister. I’m happy to announce that at the tender young age of 86 she met a guy and found new love. His name is Ches (yes Ches) and she introduced him to me as her “boyfriend”. She’s a widow and this makes my heart extremely happy for her. She has a spring in her step and she’s sharp as a needle. What a great visit. Sigh. It’s never too late.

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Global TV

I was on Global TV Halifax this morning. Don’t even know how I woke up. Watch here!

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I have a lot of unread emails. One day I’m going to hole up in a hotel room for a month and weed through them and make some room for a vintage coffee table, bureau and chesterfield I recently purchased at a flea market in Annapolis Royal. Until then I will live with this madness.

“Calling Dr. Bombay, calling Dr. Bombay. Emergency! Come right away!”

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Bow wow roar

One time I stood in front of a garage door and I yelled things at people as they walked by. Sometimes people yelled back and other times they just walked away faster. Eventually I was chained to the fence and told to be good but I ended up going on a hunger strike until my neck got skinny enough to slide out of my leash and I was free. Now I’m back to barking and yelling things at passersby. The moral of the story is that spots don’t change their lions or something like that.

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Headed over yonder to Truro now

Thank you Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island. Great crowd last night at The Trailside Inn. I love when people rally on a Tuesday night. Place was at capacity and the food was so good. They must grow potatoes here because my potatoes tasted like the best potatoes I’ve ever had. Fresh from the womb potatoes. This place is beyond pretty.

So now I’m fixing to leave PEI and head over the bridge to Nova Scotia. Specifically Truro. I play The Marigold Theater tonight Aug 27 at 7:30.

Then? My final Nova Scotia show is Thursday Aug 28 in Halifax. I play The Carleton for Halifax Urban Folk Festival. That’s tomorrow night.

Friday night Aug 29 I’ll be in Norwalk Connecticut along with Toad The Wet Sprocket at Norwalk Concert Hall.

Saturday and Sunday Aug 30 and 31 I’m playing Fayetteville Arkansas for Fayetteville Roots Festival.

That’s all I can remember for now. Did I mention how friggin pretty PEI is? So pastoral and peaceful with lazy breezes.

Gotta shower. Later gator.

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I’m on Prince Edward Island!

I’m here! Prince Edward Island. Show time 8pm tonight. Food starts at 6pm and it’s good!

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Gig alert! Seattle Sept 11th

Do I know people in Seattle? I think I do. Thanks to Trish Houck for sketching this drawing of me at Philly Folk Fest.

Seattle friends and any northwest friends- in fact ,Earthlings from afar/ on September 11th I’m playing The Triple Door Theater. Ticket info

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PEI tomorrow – Tuesday Aug 26

Had a great Gathering Festival in Burlington Newfoundland. Now headed to Prince Edward Island for a show tomorrow night Aug 26 at The Trailside Inn in Mount Stewart PEI.

Then – Wednesday Aug 27 I’ll be in Truro at The Marigold Theater

Thursday Aug 28 I play Halifax Nova Scotia at The Carleton.

Thanks Newfoundland! I loves ya.
Trailside Inn

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