Come find me

Hey dudes and dudettes -This is where I’ll be this week.
Come find me. I want to look in your eyes and freak you out and then I want you to carry me around and pretend that you’re ants and I’m a piece of graham cracker that a 4 year old dropped at a picnic.

Thurs Sept 29 Piermont NY The Turning Point

Fri Sept 30 NYC City Winery Cabinet of Wonders

Wed Oct 5 Austin Tx Strangebrew

Thurs Oct 6 Denton Tx Dan’s Silverleaf

Fri Oct 7 Mineral Wells Tx Crazy Water Fest Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Sat Oct 8 Mineral Wells Tx Crazy Water Fest -Famous Water (courtyard)

Sun Oct 9 Nashville City Winery opening for Toad The Wet Sprocket

Tues Oct 11 Nashville City Winery Upstairs Lounge Residency w/ many special guests!

Photo by good noise 

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Register to vote! 

Is your voter registration up to date? If not, REGISTER TO VOTE with HeadCount online or by text: #VoterRegistrationDay

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Thanks OKC! Tonight Tulsa

Thanks to all the kind folks who packed out The Blue Door in Oklahoma City last night. What a joyous raucous night. This is one of the finest venues in America and I’ll stand on Bob Dylan’s coffee table in my cowboy boots and shout it to the high heavens.

My pal Jerry Joseph was traveling through town on his own tour and I brought him up to sing 3 songs and he wowed the crowd. Then he snapped this cool pic. Thanks Jerry!

Then I sang my lil heart out and jumped around the stage and sweated and yelped and hollered and spun yarns. We had joy we fun we had seasons in the Blue Door. Good times. Huge blessings to Greg Johnson for running such a great venue. Lord knows I love me some Oklahoma.

Tonight the tour continues. I play Tulsa Oklahoma. It’s Monday but don’t let that stop you. It’s gonna be a hoot. I play at The Woody Guthrie Center.

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I told em I wanted my name billed above trivia. They complied. I have powerful attorneys. #folklife
Lawrence Kansas is a cool town. I used to play there in The Rugburns. Memories. Last night brought back memories.

Tonight (Sunday) I get to play The Blue Door in Oklahoma City! I love that joint.

Monday night I play The Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa Oklahoma.

I’m lucky. Picked a good job.

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Oklahoma City tonight! 

Thanks for last night in Lawrence Kansas. That was the greatest show I’ve ever played. 🙂 I dig Lawrence Kansas. I forgot how cool that town is. I’ll be back. Bottleneck is a fun venue.

Tonight? Sunday Sept 24? I travel to Oklahoma City to play one of my favorite venues on the planet. The Blue Door! See ya tonight.
Photo by Gina Frary Bacon

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5 Spot tonight Friday Sept 23

Got to hang out with Mojo Nixon and Bullethead last night in Nashville. Tonight I play a show in East Nashville at The 5 Spot.
I go on at 10pm.

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Fun times at AmericanaFest

Last night. Fun fun fun. With James McMurtry for #americanafest in Nashville. We celebrated with Jenni Finlay for the release of her book Kent Finlay -Dreamer. A wonderful read about her legendary father.
I played some songs and people smiled and tapped their feet. One nice woman handed me some bloodstained money. She said “I want you to have this money”.


“Because I want to buy your soul. I like it and I want to own it.”

“Ok. What do I need to do in return?”

“Walk down highway 31 and wait for a man in an ice cream truck to come by. He has a tail but don’t let that scare you. Just get in his truck and do what he tells you. He will put your soul in a jar and give it to me.”

I didn’t go because I was scared so I gave the money to someone else. A passing stranger. He smiled and accepted the cash. He said he was “looking for a miracle.”

This morning when I woke I went outside to feel the air I looked down on my porch and there was an envelope with the bloodstained money inside.

Maybe I’ll buy James McMurtry some breakfast with that money because I still don’t want to see the man in the ice cream truck.

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hey compadres –
I’m in Nashville for #americanafest and tonight at 5pm I play at City Winery Nashville in the upstairs lounge along with my friend James McMurtry. This is going to be pretty cool. It’s to celebrate a boom about Jenni Finlay’s stellar father Kent Finlay.

I go on at 5pm tonight. Don’t be late!

My official showcase is Friday Sept 23 at the 5spot at 10pm.

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Here’s a fun lil interview I did for KAABOO festival in Del Mar California. I play The Trestles Stage at 1:30pm Friday Sept 16. 
  1. How did it come about that you were booked for Kaaboo? I’m assuming they approached you, yea?

They reached out and made an offer to my booking agent.

They said “2 dollars.”

 I said “2 dollars and fifty cents.”

They held out and I didn’t budge.

Finally they said “We’ll throw in 6 rolled tacos with guacamole”. So I said ” Make it 7 rolled tacos and 2 dollars and 25 cents.” They relented and said “Fine.”

I’m a really good negotiator. I know a lot of good words. I’m a fantastic businessman.
2. I know you’re touring all the time and head out again right after Kaaboo. Was it hard to make room for Kaaboo in the middle of your other dates? Any particularly funny/good stories from the tour you’re on now, or the last one?
I was very happy to be able to come back home and play Kaboo. So when the offer came in we immediately moved some stuff around to fit the schedule.

I recently bought a house in Nashville and relocated there for a little while so San Diego always beckons. I miss the beach and The Padres.
3. You’re the biggest marquee name from San Diego on the entire Kaaboo lineup — how do you feel about that? Do you feel like you’ve got “represent” SD in a way?
Yes. I need to play naked and put a lit sparkler in my butt crack. Lately it’s really been going over in some circles. The other night I stood on a table at Denny’s and tried it and I got my French toast for free.
4. You’ve played some massive stages over the years — how does a festival the size of Kaaboo stack up for you? Is it just another gig?
I remember one time Jewel opened up for Neil Young at Madison Square Garden and Neil popped in to her dressing room before the show and said, “How ya doin’ Jewel?”

“I’m kinda nervous” she replied.

And then Neil said “Ahh, it’s just another hash house on the road to success. Show em no respect.”

Then he walked out.

I think that’s wonderful advice if you’re Neil Young. I’m Steve Poltz, I have to try harder. So yes, I will definitely show them a modicum of respect. It’s gonna be a hoot I tell you. A hoot.

5. Are you looking forward to anything or seeing anyone in particular at the festival?
I’m looking forward to seeing Jimmy Buffet. I love the song Son Of A Sailor. I hope he plays it. I’ve never seen him before. I’d love to meet him. He’s probably so excited to see me. I’ll try to make time for him backstage. He must be freaking out that I’m on the bill. 🙂
6. Did you go last year or will this be the first time you go? Do you think it’s a good bang for the buck?
This’ll be my first year. I was on the road last year. There are a lot of big name acts and a lot of different genres. It’s quite an undertaking. I’m honored that they asked me to play. Maybe they thought they were booking Steel Pulse and they got Steve Poltz. They booked me and then they felt guilty or were contractually obligated. So then they called Steel Pulse like they originally intended and booked them too. I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth, I’ll leave that to the veterinarians.
7. If you got to choose, who are some of the acts you would book at Kaaboo?
Jimmy Durante

Bing Crosby 

Flip Wilson 

Karen Carpenter 
8. When it comes to shows, do you enjoy playing the more intimate gigs or bigger events like this and why?
I love them all. I really do. I’m always surprised that people show up. I’m grateful for the work. It’s weird that they pay me for doing something I’d do for free.
9. What are you working on these days? Recording/writing/touring?
I’m on the road quite a bit. Lots of Canadian festival summer dates. I head to Australia in November through the new year.

I’m also immersing myself in Nashville and meeting all kinds of writers and producers and musicians. I feel like I’m on a college campus. Everyone around me is doing something related to music. It’s really fun and inspiring. I feel so insignificant. My adrenaline is flowing and my antennae are out in search of new and exciting things. Don’t get me wrong- San Diego will always be my home but it’s fun to live somewhere else for a while.
10. If someone was on the fence about going to Kaaboo, what would you say if you could convince them to go?
Where else can you see Steel Pulse and Steve Poltz on the same bill? Just do it. You’ll have fun. I’ll even do one of my songs in the reggae mon style. You’re losing money by not going. You may as well take a hundred dollar bill and light it on fire. You will meet nice people. I’ll be there and I’ll introduce you to Jimmy Buffet. Maybe I’ll meet him backstage at the line for dinner and I can write a song called Jimmy Buffet at the buffet.
11. Last question: I know you’re a big Padres fan (we’ve talked about that before): What are your thoughts on the current team? If you were AJ Preller, what moves would you make?
Well- they went for it last year and it didn’t work out. They took a bit of a gamble. It’s hard to buy big name players and then hope for chemistry.
I think AJ is doing a good job building for the future. We live in a very impatient culture. We have a lot of young talent. I think two years down the line we are going to be something special. You just wait and see. It’s going to be a fun club. 2018 is our year. 

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Phoenix this Wednesday Sept 14

Phoenix Arizona
September 14
Rhythm Room
That’s where I’ll be.
I’m positive it’s the 14th.
I can’t keep it all straight but this is something I’m positive of. 8pm

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