The Snail House

20140417-113752.jpgI spent the night on the grounds of a compound near a house that was shaped like a snail. I heard rustling in the leaves and when I woke up the snail house had moved approximately 26 inches. The reason in know this to be true is because I washed my dirty socks and hung them on a line to dry. I paced out the exact distance from the snail house to my socks. As I started to doze off my socks said to me “Steve, we’re scared of the snail house. It’s slowly moving in our direction. You can’t see it with your weakling human eyes but our sock eyes can see more than most. Even an eagle is like Ray Charles next to us except an eagle can’t sing Georgia On My Mind.”

I’m scared of the snail house but I want to be its friend. I’m going to leave this compound and drive down the mountain from Bonny Doon to Berkeley.
I play a show tonight with Shook Twins at Freight and Salvage and it this pace the snail house may be there too.

I go on at 8pm! Right on time. The Freight and Salvage

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Bunnies on parade

One time I was walking down the street and this family of Easter Bunnies was hitching a ride from Applegate Oregon to a new home in The Santa Cruz Mountains. They were adept in many ancient survival skills from hiding out in The Siskiyou Mountains with their ancestors.

The Father was named Horace Heebernathy and he loved a good carrot and gin tonic fizz after a long day digging escape routes in rabbit holes. He was a structural engineer and lived on a diet of gluten free carrot cake and lettuce wraps from PF Changs. He earned a good living and was proud of his rabbit family.

One day he was listening to We’re Coming Out by The Replacements when he decided it was time to move his family from the rabbit holes that were constantly being feuded over by wayward squirrels and ferrets. He grabbed his daughters and sons and wife- Peanut, Flea, Jaco, and Stinson- and headed out to California.

He now attends concerts of wayward troubadours and poses for pictures with friendly tourists from around the world. I was in Felton California today getting a cup of world famous chai when I ran into the whole family on their way to a picnic at Don Quixote’s. We hugged like a reunited family on an old episode of Oprah Winfrey. They came to my show tonight and bought tshirts. They will also be at my Freight and Salvage show tomorrow night in Berkeley and Friday in Sebastopol at Hopmonk and Saturday in Arcata at Humbrews. They wanted me to wish you an early Happy hoppity Easter.

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Hello my name is Steve

and I’m a blueberry pancake-aholic.

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Northern Ca here I am

I’m rolling down the highway headed south to Santa Cruz area. Specifically Felton California where I rock this evening with Shook Twins. A total of 4 Northern California shows. Roll on and on and keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes upon the road. Watch out for flying saucers and llamas. Oooh look at that Easter Bunny hopping along in my rear view mirror.

Last night I got the best Redding hospitality. I stopped at Vintage Wine Bar and Restaurant to see my friends Janis and Janelle. They fed me and gave me a room at their beautiful Bridgehouse B&B. I’m energized and ready to drive like a space trucker. It’s nice to have friends in Redding. I will smell clean for tonight’s shindig. Things are looking up.

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Having a swell time

Having fun with Vince from Leftover Salmon. Playing songs and shooting the breeze as the breeze shoots us. I’m loving Applegate Oregon.

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Hello little hat

Just this morning this hat slid into a bar and hopped up and ordered an ice tea and a water and the bartender said “I think I know you. I wore you back in 2003 at an Amway meeting I attended in Boca Raton. I left you on the head of a woman from Tel Aviv who was a journalist covering the event for The Haaretz newspaper.” The hat eventually ran away and hopped on the head of a man who had become a member of The Likud Party but eventually the man discovered marijuana and walked away from it all. The fellow got such strong weed that through osmosis the hat became permanently stoned and ended up sliding around Israel until a nice flight attendant from El Al brought him (if a hat can be a him) back to America. The hat hired a private detective and through a combination of DNA testing and hair follicles tracked down the original owner. I can’t believe I got to witness this momentous event. I’m crying just watching the reunion. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed. After I snapped this picture the hat told the bartender that he would like to travel with me for a spell. It’s not my hat, it’s just my turn. It’s my lucky day. Things are looking up. Drink up you thirsty little cotton mouthed hat. We have miles to go before we sleep.

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What happened?

Do you guys like The Grateful Dead? I feel like I just discovered them. I have a rental car that has satellite radio XM Sirius and there’s a Grateful Dead channel. I sort of turned it on by accident and then just left it there. There’s something about driving around listening the these long ass grooves. I finally get it. Eureka.
I was always listening to Little Steven’s underground but now…. I’m seriously into this Grateful Dead journey. There are so many live recordings and I love just driving and not thinking. I love when they play Sugaree and Beetha and Mexicali Blues and Long Distance Runner and I love their versions of Dylan songs. I wonder if I’m becoming a Dead Head? I love it all. What the hell happened? I took a left turn and ended up in Grateful Dead land. Help!!

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Pacific City Oregon tonight

Last night was the first night of this new little tour I’m on with the Shook Twins. We played Portland and the place was sold out jam packed. They have a great crowd and people were rapt. It’s going to be a good run.

I wish I could sleep more. Why oh why oh why can’t I sleep in?

Tonight I do my own show in Pacific City Oregon at Twist Wine Bar. It’s an early 7pm show. Sean and Chenin Cilurzo Carlton own this place and they also own The Ribcage next door. Chenin grew up on a winery in Temecula. Cilurzo!
Her brother Vinnie owns Russian River Brewery.

I hope you make the trek. It’s pretty in Pacific City. Tonight Pacific City! If you show up I’ll give you a dollar. You can put it in Greek bonds and in ten years that dollar will be worth ten gyros. I’m feeling bullish on the Greek economy.

Tonight Twist Wine Bar. Right next to The Ribcage.

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Nutso Magutso

I have heaps of shows. Tell your friends about them and come say hi! Win the lotto and buy a private jet and show up at weird places.
Look at all the places….. it’s nutso magutso —Australia is on in June!

4.11 – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR (w/ Shook Twins)
4.12 -The Ribcage – Pacific City, Oregon 
4.13 – Applegate Lodge – Applegate, OR 
(w/ Shook Twins)
4.16 – Don Quixote’s – Felton, CA (w/ Shook Twins)
4.17 – Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse – Berkeley, CA (w/ Shook Twins)
4.18 – HopMonk Tavern - Sebastopol, CA (w/ Shook Twins)
4.19 – Humboldt Brews – Arcata, CA (w/ Shook Twins)
4.24 – Wild Buffalo – Bellingham, WA (w/ Shook Twins)
4.25 – Tractor Tavern – Seattle, WA (w/ Shook Twins)
4.26 – Live From The Divide – Bozeman Mt
5.21  -  Strange Brew – Austin Tx
5.22   - Kerrville Folk Festival   - Kerrville Tx
5.23  -  Meadowgrass Festival – Colorado Springs Co

6.3  - The Round at The Dowse – Brisbane QLD
6.4  - Lizotte’s KIncumber- Kincumber NSW
6.5  - Lizotte’s Newcastle – Newcastle NSW
6.6  - Camelot Lounge - Sydney (Marrickville) NSW
6.7  - Bunkerfest at Coogee Diggers- Coogee NSW
6.8  - The Brass Monkey - Cronulla NSW
6.11 – The Jade Monkey  - Adelaide SA
6.14 – The Flying Saucer – Melbourne Vic
6.15 – Tombstone Country – Teesdale Vic Noon show!
6.17 - Rosemount Hotel Four5Nine Bar – Perth WA
6.18 – Mojos Bar – North Freemantle WA
6.20 – Spotted Mallard-  Melbourne Vic
6.22 – Lizotte’s Dee Why- Sydney (Dee Why) NSW
End Of Australia Tour

7.5- 6  - High Sierra Music Festival – Quincy Ca
7.12 -13- Atlin Arts and Music Festival- Atlin BC Canada
8.7-9    - Live From The Rock Festival - Red Rock Ontario Canada
8.27 –    Marigold Cultural Center- Truro NS Canada
8.28 –   The Carleton  - Halifax NS Canada – HUFF
8.30 and 31  - Fayetteville Roots Festival- Fayetteville Arkansas
9.5-7– Sisters Folk Festival- Sisters Oregon

There will be more shows added. Like for instance; The Philadelphia Folk Festival on 8.16. Shhhhhh! There will be blood. There will be fun. You are perfect.

I love you.

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Portland Oregon tonight at Mississippi Studios. I play at 9pm on tour with Shook Twins.

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