Nov 28 Redwood City Fox Theater 

Holy crap! I thought I was completely off for the next month and then my pal Tim Flannery asked me to open his show up near San Francisco this coming Saturday Nov 28. Of course I said “yes”. I am beyond thrilled. Tim Flannery is my dear dear friend. The show is in Redwood City at The Fox Theater. 8pm. So hey! Thanksgiving weekend if you’re in the Bay Area then come on out. It’s 22 min south of San Francisco. I open the show and go on at 8pm. Here’s the skinny -

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Tonight! Poway Ca — fun! 

Hello San Diego! Tonight at 8 I play a show at The Poway Center for Performing Arts. Should be a hoot. Feeling excited. Tickets are available here

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Thanks Austin

Last night.
Austin Tx.
Photo by Joan Kornblith.

Wow- what a night. The energy in that room they call Strangebrew was zing zang zipping like bouncing neutrons colliding into atoms and exploding into particles creating manic hummingbird feeders full of fun sparks lighting up the ceiling.

Thanks for coming out to the greatest show ever. Hyperbole? Nah! It can never be replicated but it happened. It was its own little thirsty snowflake meandering through the air like a newborn drunk feasting on a snowy nipple full of water disguised as vodka . Last night put the e in epic. I saw many good friends. It was so cool when Mick Jagger got on stage with me and Bono and then Joni Mitchell carried me on her shoulders over to Willie Nelson’s vaporizer full of love scents wafting over the skyline like a magic carpet of love.

Austin Texas. City of tacos and cool shirts and traffic. City of coffee. City of music. You hold a special place in my heart. You have your own little wing. You are special heshel.

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My job. 

My job-
Is to sing songs and make people smile. On nights when everything is clicking it’s pretty amazing.

My job is to bring people together and give them a bit of hope. Lots of times people meet complete strangers at my shows and then they keep in touch and become lifelong friends. They actually check in on each other. I know I did my job if they say they met at one of shows.

I really take pride in this. I hope it doesn’t sound corny and dumb but that’s my goal.

So with that being said I will continue to do my job and travel and play songs and do fun goofy things on stage. Nothing will stop me from doing this. I will continue to do this until it’s my time to leave. You can count on it.

Austin tonight. Strangebrew-one of my favorite venues. That’s where I’ll be doing my job.
I love my job. And I love you.
Thank you for listening. Bless you.

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Almost done! 

Tonight. Houston. Texas. Friday night. Friday the 13th. Mucky Duck. I play music. 7pm. Scary!

Tomorrow night. Saturday the 14th. Austin. Texas. Strangebrew. 7pm. I play more music.

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Headed to Tejas

Taking off for Dallas. See ya later San Diego. I’m playing the big D tonight at the world famous Kessler Theater. Dallas. Tejas. I’ll be opening this show for the lovely Karla Bonoff. That’s tonight. Wednesday.

Friday I play Houston at the world famous Mucky Duck.
Yes- world famous. It’s a sublime superb ‘stablishment.

Saturday I play Austin Texas. Strangebrew. World famous Strangebrew. Lounge Side. Happening. Schmappening. It’s in Austin NOT Boston. Don’t matter what it’s costin. Eat that cupcake lick the frostin.

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Happy Monday to you 

Ok ok ok! It’s Monday. How are all my friends out there doing?
I think I’ll head on down to Tijuana today and say hi to my pals in lovely Mexico.

I’m headed to Texas on Wednesday. Yippee!

I play Dallas this Wednesday at The Kessler. With Karla Bonoff.

Friday I play Houston! The Mucky Duck!

Saturday I play Austin! Strangebrew.

The road goes on and on and on.

Have you guys been watching the new season of Fargo? Damn! It is so freaking good. Love! Eighty thumbs up.

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Thanks Winnipeg!

Thanks Winnipeg! I had a wonderful 14 hours in your fine city. Great crowd last night at the beautiful Park a theater. Nice folks! Great sound. They gave away free cars and flu shots to the first 100 people. Everyone got a Free Tesla and a shot in the arm. It weird but very cool.

I’m already sitting in the airport in Minneapolis eating some amazing oatmeal from some gourmet brekkie place in terminal G. I’m Connecting to San Diego!

My pal Tim Flannery is playing tonight in San Diego and he’s asked me to play a couple songs somewhere in the middle of his show. Tonight. Yay! The show is at a new San Diego venue called The Music Box. It used be called Anthology. It’s in Little Italy. I reckon one of the songs I play will be my song Music Box. It just seems apropos.

So if you’re in the area swing by. Flannery is a beautiful man. A great friend.

Thanks again Winnipeg. I’ll be back. You can guarantee it. xoxo

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Winnipeg Tonight! Yippee! 

If you had 5 choices of things to do in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada this weekend then perhaps you might choose me. I’ll be standing at the back of the gym singing Wallflower.
Thank you CBC for the love!  

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I’m just a chair

This cool artist named Kelly Dawson made a chair based on my song Folksinger. She brought it to the gig I played in Indianapolis and had me sign the back. The chair has all these hidden and not so hidden clues and symbols to the verses of the song. It’s seriously crazy. And I know crazy. And I like crazy. Amazing. Thank you Kelly Dawson for bringing this chair to the show. She was polite and waited until everyone got their merch signed and the venue emptied out and then she brought in this work of chair art.

Gracias Kelly! I hope the chair is displayed somewhere really cool in your artist loft that I imagine you live in.

Live long and prosper.

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