Our plane hit a bird 

Mazerati they did come knocking on my door. It was awesome. They told me to keep up the good work. They want him out. They said they’re watching you too. They told me I was a patriot and that you’re an anarchist and they’re coming for you. We all went on a picnic and we’re watching you.

Thank you Alba Quirky

Good morning Albuquerque New Mexico -land of enchantment- thank you for your hospitality -please keep arms and legs inside windows. I had more fun last night than a dog with three peckers. Look how pretty you are this morning. I love Alba Quirky. Old signs new signs wide open skies and warm hearted inhabitants. Thank you. I had a joyous time. Next stop—-
Kansas City— Folk Alliance.

It’s a beautiful Saturday. This is our day. Remember – YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Hashtag Ewe Rok.

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