Second Redding Show Added

Not sure what’s going in my world here on Earth but my shows that used to never sell out are now selling out. Last weekend in San Francisco and San Rafael and —-

Now all of a sudden my show tomorrow night in Redding is sold out.
So — due to demand we’ve added a second show for this Thursday July 30 in Redding Ca at Vintage Wine Bar and Restaurant. For tix call (530)229-9449

Good news though. There are still tix for tonight in Felton Ca at Don Quixote’s.

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Tonight! Don Quixote’s! Felton Ca

Howdy Northern California! I continue my jaunt through your nether regions and tonight my journey takes me near Santa Cruz to a little town called Felton California. A sweet little hamlet with fine folks wandering the bucolic streets.

Tonight I get to play Don Quixote’s International Music Hall at 7:30pm.

A Tuesday? Yes, a Tuesday. Rust never sleeps.

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Steve Rodriguez memorial fund

Thanks for all the good thoughts you’ve sent regarding the terrible loss of Steve Rodriguez. He was a gem and people have been asking how they can help. Well– he’s got a wife he left behind named Jamie and a14 year old son named Jesse. We can help them get a start on a college fund. Any little bit helps. Seriously, any little bit at all. Nothing is too small. I love you. Here’s the link

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710 Ashbury

Here I am right now in front of 710 Ashbury Street in San Francisco California. Truckin– got my chips cashed in. #gratefuldead My show tonight in SF at Doc’s Lab is SOLD OUT. My show tomorrow night in San Rafael is also SOLD OLD. But– my show Tuesday night in Felton Ca near Santa Cruz at Don Quixote’s still has tickets available.

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Steve Rodriguez 

We live our lives and what does it all mean? We’re here on this planet for such a very short time.

The time we have is precious and it’s so easy to be cavalier about everything. We get to live our lives exactly how we choose and we really don’t even know how fast the clock ticks. Then out of nowhere it all just ends.

Steve Rodriguez died two nights ago. He was a husband to Jamie and a father to Jesse a friend to many and the bass player for The Dragons and Saint Shameless among many other things. He was sweet. He was Christmas, New Years Eve and The 4th of July all rolled into one. Whenever I saw him, he’d kiss me right smack dab on the lips and give me a hug. That’s just how he rolled. He looked cool. He was cool.

I first heard about The Dragons years ago from my friend Dennis Borlek. I remember Dennis telling me “You gotta see this band called The Dragons! They’re amazing. They have great songs. They’re kinda like The New York Dolls and The Ramones and they’re really nice. They love to buy drinks. They’ll always pay for your drinks! They’re really generous. And did I tell you how cool they dress? And did I mention that they will never let you pay for your drinks?” For some reason this really sticks in my mind.

So I went to see them at The Casbah and they didn’t disappoint. They were even better than Dennis described. I remember thinking “how do they get their jeans so skinny? (This was long before skinny jeans were ubiquitous.) Who cuts that bass player’s hair? Like seriously- who the fuck cuts the bass player’s hair? I want to know these guys.”

They had the whole picture- great songs, awesome guitar tone and cool stage attitude. They just knew how to be a band. A lot of times you see bands that look really cool and they’re really good and they can be snotty. These guys? They were so approachable. So friendly. So not snotty. Sonotsnotty dot com.

We all drank copious amounts of booze and the music was loud and fun. All I know is that when he showed up to one of my gigs with his lovely wife Jamie, it was like a holiday. Seriously. The level of energy went up in the room. Steve didn’t just smile. His whole being was a huge smile as he navigated through the back bar at The Casbah or whatever dark bar place he was rocking. He was like a parade.

It’s really sad that he’s gone. So many folks loved him. My heart goes out to his wife Jamie and their son Jesse. This isn’t fair. Time doesn’t wait. I want to say goodbye to him.

I’ve taken to going on hikes every so often with his friend and former band mate Mario Escovedo. I had a stroke last year and I try to keep moving and stay healthy. Mario has always been a good friend to me and he makes me laugh. He’s a great storyteller. When I hike next to Mario I always make him tell me road tales about The Dragons and one of my favorite stories is how when The Dragons would play Austin Texas they’d stop along the highway at his brother Alejandro Escovedo’s place. Al would make them get out of the van and he’d inspect their clothes. Alejandro would look each member of the band up and down like an army general and give them advice on what they could do better. “Are you a trucker? No? Then why are you wearing that trucker belt? Leather pants? Those are ok but the shoes are all wrong. Sweatpants? Wtf? Just because you’re in the van that doesn’t mean you can dress down. You need to look sharp at all times ” This went on and on. But Steve? Steve Rodriguez didn’t need any advice on clothes. He could’ve taught a master class on how to be a rocknroller.

This sucks. I want him alive. This community of San Diego is beautiful. We are lucky to know these rocknroll angels. They’re in our midst and if we concentrate we can feel their energy. Steve was and is an angel. His death reverberates and ripples through our little scene and beyond. He’ll be missed so much. This video that Mario and Maren made says it all. God bless you Steve Rodriguez. xoxo

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National Anthem tonight 

Tonight I sing The National Anthem at Petco Park in San Diego for the San Diego Padres VS The San Francisco Giants. Game starts at 7:10. I probably sing at 7:02. Woo hoo! Should I sing it in the key of A or G? I’m feeling rested so I reckon I’ll shoot for A.

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Guitarfish Festival

Hey, I see my name on this list! This is an amazing festival I’ll be playing on Aug 1. People will be camping and singing their little hearts out. I think it runs for 4 days. July 30,31 and Aug 1 and 2nd. If you live in Northern California don’t miss it. Do not. Guitarfish Festival. I play on Aug 1.

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Me and Tim- Tim and I 

Me and Tim Flannery were singing a song together and we almost bit each other’s noses off. That’s because we suffer for our art. We’re like wolves and the telefunken mic is the moon that we howl at in supine glory. He was looking at me and I was pretending my eyes were shut but I was sneaking peaks. If you listen really close you can almost hear us singing our favorite Motörhead song- Ace Of Spades. Tim was channeling his inner Lemmy and I was harmonizing like Liberace after taking a hit off of a helium ballon. Ahhhhh memories. They really do light the corners of my mind. Misty water colored memories of the way we were.

Tonight I play Sleepy Creek Vineyards in Fairmount Illinois.

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Fun times in Winnipeg

Last night at Winnipeg Folk Festival! Arlo Guthrie!

Today is my final day here. Sunday July 12
2:30 to 4:00pm
Green Ash Stage
Workshop (California Dreamin) in the round with-
Steve Poltz, Jenny Lewis, Dawes and Jessica Pratt

And then my final appearance
8:20 to 8:40pm
Main Stage right before Wilco

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My Winnipeg Folk Festival Schedule

Here’s My Winnipeg Folk Festival Schedule!

Friday July 10
Solo Show
3:30 to 4:15pm
Little Stage

4:30 to 5:00pm
I sign CDs at Winnipeg Folk Fest store tent

Sat July 11
11:00am to 12:30 pm
Shady Grove Stage
Workshop (I’m Gonna Steal That Song) in the round with-
Steve Poltz, Brandy Zdan, Sliw Leaves and Terra Lightfoot

Sunday July 12
2:30 to 4:00pm
Green Ash Stage
Workshop (California Dreamin) in the round with-
Steve Poltz, Jenny Lewis, Dawes and Jessica Pratt

And then my final appearance
8:20 to 8:40pm
Main Stage right before Wilco
It says Wilco goes on at 8:41 and ends the festival.

So I guess I better be timely. I’ll be like a rodeo clown!

This is gonna be fun. I’m excited for this here Winnipeg Folk Fest. #WFF2015

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