People like singing with strangers!

I know these are crazy times on this wild planet we call Earth. Folks are divided and arguing and threatening war. But I’m here to tell you that people still love to join together with strangers and sing their hearts out.

Here I am at The Gathering in Burlington Newfoundland with a bunch of crazy Newfoundlanders and Planet Earthlings singing Forever Young by Bob Dylan.

Feel free to share this video with folks who might need a smile.


I have this weird feeling that not many people are going to come out to my show tonight at Whelan’s in Dublin Ireland. I haven’t played here in 4 years when I opened for The Lost Brothers. They have a big following. That’s a long time to not return.

Tonight is my own show. It’s on me to bring the crowd. I’m worried that it’ll be sparse. Worry worry worry. The rest of the Irish tour has been grand.

I try not to worry. But I’m worried. Worry starts with w and ends with y. Why? Because that’s how the word maker uppers spelled it.

Here are a list of bands and performers that could sell out Whelan’s.

1. Oasis

2. Neil Diamond

3. Taylor Swift

4. Ed Sheeran

5. U2

Here’s a list of people who might NOT be able to sell out Whelan’s.

1. Steve Poltz

* This has been a book report by Steve Poltz so not all facts are verified. We can’t trust him.

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