Jesus and the new Java Joe’s

Hi Jesus! I love you. I took this picture of you yesterday in Los Angeles.

I wish we could play a game of backgammon together. Do people still play backgammon?
I bet you’d let me win.
I’d also like to play you in racquetball. Do people still play racquetball? I’m sounding very early eighties here. Racquetball, backgammon, sushi and shoulder pads.

Hey Jesus, one time I got hit by a racquetball on my butt and it left the biggest black and blue welt you’ve ever seen and the guy I was playing was such a dick that he said “I hope you’re welt.” Then he laughed at me.
Mean people suck.
Thanks for listening.
Peace be with you. And also with you.
Have a nice day.

I’ll see you tonight at the new Java Joe’s in San Diego. There are a buncha folks playing songs. 3 songs each. I’m gonna do it too. I have a night off. Why not? I’ll probably play around 9:30
The whole thing starts at 8.
The all new Java Joe’s
2611 congress San Diego CA 619 274 9989 for tickets

Tales of a space cadet

////:Tales from a space cadet:////

I was on my way to soundcheck at The Belly Up last night. I borrowed a 1994 Lexus from Sharon’s sister Chris. It belonged to their Mother. (May she rest In peace)

So- I had a thousand things on my mind like verses to songs and what I wanted to bring- new pedals, strings etc.

I put the car in reverse and had my foot on the break. Car still in driveway. Then I thought “I need to grab my headphones so I can call my Mom and Dad on the way to The Belly Up.”

So I open the car door -not remembering it’s still in reverse-and I exit the car. I start walking back inside the house and Sharon is walking out and she looks over my shoulder horrified. She’s so horrified that she can’t speak. She just makes a moaning sound like a bee is about to sting me or something.

So I look over my shoulder and see the car rolling backwards down the driveway with the driver door wide open. For one split second I contemplate jumping inside the car while it’s moving but I realize that it’s too close a call because the car is heading over the edge into a ditch and if I screw up it’ll crush me in the ditch. So I just watch helplessly as the car goes into the ditch.

Sharon – why did you get out of the car?

Me – ummm I was gonna get my headphones.

S- why didn’t you put it in park before you got out.

Me- why did I recently put the milk in a cupboard and some tea bags in the fridge?

Time to concentrate. Keep my eye on the ball. I’ve been this way since I was a kid and I would leave for school with my Dad driving and when I got out of the car I would only be wearing my left shoe and he’d have to drive back home so I could have both shoes. ONE LEFT SHOE.


My Bodyguards 

My bodyguards. These cats were at my Fillmore show the other night in SF. These dudes both got picked up by The SF 49ers. On the left is my pal @erikmagnuson_62 (played for Michigan) and on the right is @jp_flynn75 (played for Montana State) now they’re rookies in the NFL. I want them to travel with me! Talk about protection! I play tonight at The Belly Up along with my pals Elephant Revival. Can’t wait. Good to be in San Diego.


Breaking news is making me feel broken. Is everything breaking news? Breaking news breaking all the time. Break break break. Give me a break.

I need a break from the breaking news. All this noise is making my brain ooze.

I need a break from the breaking news. I need to walk in different shoes.

I need a break from this phoneblack mirror. Everything’s foggy and I need it clearer.

I need a break from these bad habits. I wanna hop with the bunny rabbits.

I need a break from the bad news train. I need to dance in the pouring rain.

I need to wash the break from my skin. I need the planet to make me grin.

I need a break from these talking heads. All these blues are givin me the reds.

I need a break from the breakity break. I wanna be present wanna feel awake.

I need a break from my own mistakes. I need a break for heaven sakes.

I need a break from the take take take. I need to sit by a peaceful lake.

I need a break from the breaking news. I need to go on a happy cruise.

Give me a break.

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